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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 28, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PST

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daca ♪ >> the countdown to the president's pursuit of the union has not appeared while the battle over immigration reform intensifies on the hill. >> the white house has given enough for an immigration protecting a 1.8 million dreamers. senate minority leader chuck schumer has at the white house software. >> democrats want to use this as a political issue. this is about fixing the immigration problem across the board. >> the white house responding after 100 people were killed and dozens more wounded in a terror attack in afghanistan. president trump saying how it will not prevail. >> the clash between the white house and the justice department
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the power memo will be made public. devin nunes alleges the fbi has used its power to spy on the tram campaign. >> the man was coming out in what it doesn't really answer a lot of the questions you and your viewers have had. once that is public, we have the ability to really press for people to be held accountable. ♪ train to tricky camerawork when i show you things you're going to see later. pretty cool stuff downstairs were going to show you later. stay on for the show for "fox and friends." rachel: good morning. trying to good morning, rachel.
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>> i'm so excited explode with excitement because the instant 80s video games. and even though their aid issues. rachel: she's so young she doesn't really know what i'm talking about. you were a little toddler. next time let's bring something 80s. griff: there's a lot of a lot of news and immigration at the top of this. yesterday the president tweeting pivots but put those up now. the person in the president. i've offered daca a wonderful deal including a doubling in the number of recipients in a 12 year path to citizenship for two reasons. republicans want to fix a longtime terrible problem and to show the democrat do not want to solve daca, only used it.
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democrats are not interested in border safety and security are in the funding and rebuilding of our military. they are only interested in obstruction. trade to desert to treat that desert to tweet the came around 11:00 and they came after the democrats reacted to the initial plan from the white house. they put up the initial framework. a very generous one. in response to that approach coming nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, democratic groups are throwing our races. rachel: making america way to gain by in almost 3 million more. pete: good point. just details. they have one of two choices. it's meant to do two things. republicans want to fix the system and democrats want to extract from which they've done time and time again. here's a sweeter deal. it's what she wanted richie
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still don't like it. rachel: little girls aren't happy with it but also conservatives aren't happy with the white house press secretary rod shawcoming to the white house secretary came on to kind of pacify some of the concerns over this fear that say what he has to say. >> to present a show in leadership. the president has always said he wants a responsible outcome for the daca population. the pathway was 12 to 10 years and they have to engage in the system. they cannot commit crimes. they have to pay back taxes. we will expand family chain migration across the board for all new entrants into the country. the president ran on fixing this problem once and for all. if this proposal becomes law, we'll get a southern border wall. the last dozen more agents. will stop the flow of illegal immigrants and illegal drugs in
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exchange for that, giving a pathway to citizenship for people that came here as minors we think is a fair and reasonable compromise. griff: so raj shah is lining up the framework we look at tomorrow morning. but democrats don't even want to come to the table. he's explaining the opening bid and conservatives are rightfully because of what they believe the president talked about on the campaign trail. the president trying to govern, not campaign. the democrats not willing to come to the table and that is going to be an interesting case that democrat leaders make to their caucus and democratic voters come the midterms that when the president put it path to citizenship for every single dream in this country, they walked away. pete: they want all or nothing. they want to dreamers and nothing else could the president recognizes come republicans recognize, don't love everything about the postal, but i
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recognize it's a give-and-take. it just seems like 1.8 million a pathway to citizenship is a big giveaway. it's an amnesty for twice as many people as originally thought. if that is part of the deal, i will say this. conservatives need to be reassured and that is so raj shah was trying to talk about. equipping matters, do the decent thing with the the wall gets built first and then pathway start to citizenship. we've been hoodwinked so many times for the process for amnesty happens immediately and all the border stuff happens later on. conservatives can be reassured by the timing and what raj said, one strike you're out. you do something wrong from your so-called tree might become a citizen, you better do it right and the wall has to be built. >> and or any other president i would have the same concerns you have. i believe this president is
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determined to build this wall and i also think the other measures put in place, and a lottery system, ending chain migration. this is a president putting a plan together that's not only generous but will solve the problem once and for all and get it off the table, which is why i think they don't like this plan. i think they love having immigration to run on. they love the racial component, the way they compete republicans. >> final point. this. what is donald trump done that hasn't yet delivered on campaign promises. this is an opening bid to reserve judgment to see what comes out of congress. griff: rachel, you had the best point of the day yesterday when you said the president says the state of the union to those dreamers that are in this audience, what he says that the state of the union is very important and that is where this argument in this discussion is probably going to move based on what they have to say.
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it's not going to be entirely immigration. it's also also infrastructure. the tone we are told will be one of unifying and a time we'll point out later is a very pessimistic view. we've got jobs in the economy, infrastructure, immigration, trade and important part as well as national security. he's going to come to the state of the union and make many of the same arguments he made to european leaders when he was in top posts. -- davos. rachel: there used to be a time when democrats cared about infrastructure jobs in the blue-collar union jobs created by the wall is a huge infrastructure project. by not accepting the deal, they are not just rejecting the opportunity for citizenship. they are also trained him up the blue-collar jobs they used to
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before. tree into each coming out tuesday night. a lot of important stuff. trade for the other thing i will be talking about is the memo. the "washington post" article today pointing out that the president actually wants transparency. he wants the memo. pete: devin nunes, and house intelligence that could pointing out these warrants for easter survey of the term campaign and others. these names named in the air, they instead released the memo and it looks like the president will authorize that. >> the department of justice says not so fast that we don't want it. the assistant attorney general sent a letter saying this would be reckless for the american people to see it. we need to see this verse, but the president says the american people want to see it and he's calling on congress to make it available to them. we expect that to come later
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this week. rachel: there is a lot of mystery around it. my husband seen the memo. i've been told anything about it. i don't know what's in it. ron desantis has something to say about what we can expect to see or think about after the memo was released and we expected to be released next week. >> .memo is coming out of one out of one that does it will answer a lot of the questions you and your viewers have had about how to have them into possession of the fbi and did they use it to get five. once that is public comment and i think we have the ability to really press for people to be held accountable. once the memo was released, there is going to be calls for a special counsel, to sessions for all these committee chairman involved in it. i think it's going to be hard for a session not to do that. pete: that would be a big move. that's the outcome that the huge move.
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we've got surveillance. democrats go from pollution to obstruction. the memo will help clarify the deficit of a lot of this. drapery the corruption at the top of the doj and the fbi and you can't clean it can't clean enough that my cca. >> the president could call for anything to be believed. he's the final say in all of this but is called on congress to give the transparency. rachel: of god would find the headlines. president trump -- afghanistan: dead terror attack. taliban targeted innocent afghans in kabul today. our thoughts and prayers go to the vet and then first responders. we will not allow the taliban to win. an ambulance full of explosives detonated on a crowded street killing at least 103 people and wounded another 235. the deadly flu epidemic forced in schools to close in at least 11 states as more kids and
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teachers become sick with the virus. cleaning cruz wiping down empty classrooms hoping to stop the spread. claiming the lives of 37 kids so far. this season according to the cdc added and it isn't showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. the grammy holding counterterrorism training intimate ceremony for the first time ever. fox affiliate artists up part in an all-day training session led by the u.s. state department. the briefing instructed them on what to do specifically in the event of a terror attack. the move comes amid recent tax that concerts in las vegas, manchester and paris. those are your headlines. >> hopefully that's not based on specific intent. seems like a big stud. >> i watched it last night and they said there was no specific threat, but the environment
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certainly the attacks we've seen in new york, one of the things we have to deal with. pete: the world we live in. this is outrageous at a high school teacher and city councilman things are military in the classroom. listen. >> are not intellectual people. they're the lowest of the low. pete: the lowest of the low. thank you, mr. chairman. the follow-up of the disturbing ramp up next. transport is the agency hiding my message is for and armor james called me and andrew mackay. he was mentioned. that coming up next. ♪ of my training. and for the past two years i've been a navy federal member. so even out here i can pay securely with mobile pay
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>> they have not turned over in a text messages. they've given us everything that gives us. we represent a former fbi supervisory agent in this lawsuit. he knows what to ask for and they told us essentially are not getting a text messages because they give us everything according to give it. where is james comus text messages? >> the fbi under fire accusing him of refusing to give over text messages. pete: the latest in a string of controversies at the memo allegedly detailing shocking abuse could be released any day now. what does this mean for the agency? or to weigh in, director of the fbi counterterrorism division kerry turkey. thank you for joining us. i know this is a tough topic is it the beloved institution for you, but it appears some at the top are not necessarily doing their job on the up and up. how much of the fbi be getting through a foia in this process?
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should they be allowing text messages to be bad for you to the bottom of this? >> pete, this is an extraordinary situation. we are dealing with a president accused of colluding with russian and normally i would be like i always was in the fbi to say don't turn over a lot of things when you have these kinds of inquiries. in this situation, this is unique in our history and they have to turn over everything they have and react to getting the facts. the best reason to turn this over how this memo released in the house of representatives is to start getting some of the facts out there. i don't think we know everything going on and i certainly think americans want to know, do we have an ongoing problem and did we have a problem with our president? what is going to happen here as we are going to get this memo out and eventually this string of these two cases, whichever he collided with one another is
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going to explode on the scene and we will find that this is something that nobody predicted early on and that is we are going to find that the other party, the democratic party that kind of the first shot in the resistance. i worked counterintelligence for 20 years and i have to tell you something and that was that new york and washington d.c. in favorite cisco in palo alto. i arrested russians for espionage with my partners and i have to tell you, from day one, this is not look like a russian intelligence operation. it looks more like a watergate style political dirty tricks only this time it's not the republican party. if the democrats. they have to start getting in line and saying whatever the facts are, whatever the truth is , people somewhere made mistakes and they were serious mistakes. violations of the law. we have to get together now for
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our country into the fun we have to find out the truth of what happened. the only way we find that out is to get everything in the opening. we don't have the hearings like we haven't watergate. we need something to get out and get started on this. rachel: we can't clean it up in my cca. what is this done to morale at the fbi? >> rachel, about a month ago out here come a couple days before christmas, they arrested a person getting ready to commit atrocious terror attack on fisherman's wharf on peer 39. the other day was reading i was reading some things and in 2016 to 2017 allowed, over 40 local state politicians were indicted and convict it on corruption. my point being the fbi is doing its job and it will continue to do its job whether it's organized crime or national security or political corruption to keep our country safe, but
3:20 am
she's got to know that every minute that goes by, people are thinking about this and it weighs them down and they are weighed down by not understanding the rules that would apply to them or not applying to the people running the fbi. rachel: double standards are the worst. do you believe a special counsel would be required to get to the bottom? fbi and doj investigate themselves what does that have to be an outside entity? >> it could go either way. the fbi and doj could investigate themselves but they have to show that in turn over stuff we've done before. drink you don't turn it over not much trust established. mr. turchie, thank you did the white house offered a path to citizenship for the dreamers. nancy pelosi said the plane is racist. >> the president put forth a plan. that plan is a campaign to make america white again. rachel: wow, do democrats even
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pete: welcome back. senator marco rubio find from florida to washington to personally fire his chief of staff for improper conduct with subordinates. rubio says the unspecified allegations against clint hill led to threats of withholding employment benefit. he'll served as rubio's top senate staffers since late 2016. a new report suggesting harassment by former hillary clinton aide continued long
3:25 am
after initial allegations in 2008. a state are reporting that burns strider, demand that he was accused of unwanted touching while working for a pro-clinton super pac in 2015. the so-called faith guru kept his job in the 2008 campaign despite similar accusations then. over to you. transfer house minority leader nancy pelosi has choice words when it comes to the president's immigration plan. >> the president put forth a plan, a campaign to make america white again. they are changing the character of our country, but what they are putting forward. they are putting a tear to the eye of the statue of liberty in the heart of people here playing by the rules. >> the president's plan offers a path to citizenship for one playmate billion dreamers. according to nancy pelosi and democrats, just not enough.
3:26 am
richard fowler, gentlemen, good morning. i want you to remember we are going to put on a sunday school man is and this is an important debate. i want to use tart with you, lawrence. when we hear minority leader nancy pelosi stifling, even debate and the racist way to the racist rant for now, so to follow this legislative framework that comes out tomorrow, why should democrats, republicans bother trying to work with them. >> they don't want a deal. quite frankly find the president i'd say okay, fine, bush's take it all off the table. he's given them more than he promised his base. that is one thing. i think this goes back to something. it's just not nancy pelosi. we have dreamers sitting down walt disney world and protest all over because i've never seen such a group of ungrateful people. when you have the president of
3:27 am
the united states. they called a racist before. now it's going above and beyond from angry his base, giving them citizenship. they would also have the right to vote, which is what democrats want. transfer these dreamers come at 800,000 of them have skin in the game. the president's plan offering double that number. richard, how the democrat leaders make the case that they shouldn't even consider this? >> there's a couple things wrong with the framework. number one, he can't pass now because the democrats but his own republicans. one of his famous publications, breitbart causing and misty don because of this deal. you have people like jim jordan say they wouldn't support it to so he has two start dealing with democrats. the fact that democrats rejected the bill because it sort of sets up one group of immigrants tells everybody out there that it's
3:28 am
not about the votes for us. it's about the humanity of these dreamers in the 11 million people here living in the shadows who want nothing more to achieve the american dream. what more do they want? they are getting citizenship. griff: let me back up. raj shah, deputy assistant to the white house weighed in on deputy pelosi is race baiting. >> it is restating and it's outrageous they don't tell you this. i am the son of immigrants. my mother and father came here from india. they brought skills to this country. wanting reform, wanting for ages to stop the flow of illegal immigrants is not extreme. it is certainly not racist. i certainly offended by what nancy pelosi have to say there. that is just rhetoric.
3:29 am
transfer some of immigrants. your reaction. >> grandson of immigrants pay both my parents from jamaica pier one from kingston. one for montego bay. donald trump called countries like my parents country as whole country for the continent of africa and a soul. it started with the president of the united states. i go back to the facts on this. debate the fact that this integration framework from the white house fails on the eighth with republicans than that is why breitbart is calling him amnesty dawn this morning. >> this goes back to entitlement. democrats are willing to shut down the government for daca. they're willing to call the president of racist over daca but when it comes down to the american people, they are not willing to roll up their sleeves and do what is best for the american people.
3:30 am
i'm always offended when it comes to the democratic party because they give them 90% of the vote. >> i'm sorry. i just don't understand why this is all about democrat would republicans are the ones on donald trump space. >> guys, we've got to leave it there. sunday school manners i've got to tell you. most important is the state of the union to those dreamers in the audience that lawrence, richard coming thank you for a match. rapper jay z come the latest celebrity to say on president trump. watch this. >> looking down on the whole population of people in a cell misinformed because these places have beautiful people. now we have donald trump. griff: jc didn't stop there. now we'll president trump save the day the royal wedding. did he get an invite? what they just said about the royal couple.
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eye. jay-z decided to take on president trump when asked about the trump presidency last night. take a listen to what jay-z had to say. >> everyone feels anger, but it's really hate old because he is looking down on the whole population of people and a cell misinformed because the places have beautiful people. you don't take the trash out. you just keep spraying whatever over at make it acceptable in as those things grow you create a superbug and now we have donald trump, the superbug. pete: not the alleged comments in the oval office. what you make of this? rachel: i saw this comment and it made me so mad. african-american unemployment, he's making it easier to start businesses in america and get financial independence. use for school choice so that
3:36 am
minorities can have the same opportunities as rich people. what the heck has jay-z ever done for the black family? nothing. donald trump is doing more than jay-z has ever done. >> in fairness to jay-z, i am sure he has all sorts of charitable contributions and he would defend himself, but the other point is in this environment where the president is trying to do things whether it is to raise paychecks or to offer citizenship to children brought here illegally, comments like this come from interviews like this absolutely be zero to advance the cause of any of the issues the president is trying to do and he's putting it in his artistic hip way. younger generation, the 20-year-olds, 25-year-old steve does and are influenced with the negative perception.
3:37 am
pete: let us know. we talk about racism, not enough. jay-z talked about that as well. together as americans. >> let's talk about money. headlines, too. the mall of america pledging his support to isis desi pleads guilty. the attorney reading this chilling statement in court. i want the reason for my attack to be cleared to discord into the public so you may understand that you will never be safe as long as your country is at war with islam. the 20-year-old accused of stabbing to shoppers in macy's dressing room in november of mall of america. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg now says she will keep first date on the nation's highest court for years to come but she won't be sitting at president trump state of the union address on tuesday because she has a prior commitment to
3:38 am
speak at roger williams university in rhode island. while she has been critical of the president come is not uncommon for supreme court justices to miss the state of union address. it's than scalia, clarence thomas all skipping several of president obama's addresses. it doesn't look like president trump will be saving the day for prince harry and megyn markel's wedding. telling pearce morgan he doesn't know if he's been indicted yet. despite the apparent oil snob, he said i really want them to be happy. they look like a good couple. there have been rumors that prince harry will invite president barack obama. a high school teacher in california cut plan in our military. gregory sauceda was a compliment going as far as referring to complement his --
3:39 am
[inaudible] who had no choice but to serve. they are not high-level thinkers. they are the lowest of the low. rachel: the student who recorded salcido's comments -- the school district is investigating it. pete: i hope they're investigating it. it is so typical of the left trigger when john kerry said. you better study up or you might end up like me. you know god invited to the wedding? adam klotz. all in here for us to talk about the forecasted 50 degrees in new york city this morning. you don't typically see a picnic in new york city. 40 in dallas. cold fronts stretching across the country. you will be seeing some pretty good rain showers. that's a rehab across the eastern half of the country.
3:40 am
down in the southeast today rounds and rounds of heavy showers lingering all the way through your sunday into your monday before eventually clearing out on the backside of the system. getting a little bit colder after that. there sure forecasts. when the mood to teleprompter i will know what to say. coming up this morning -- i could make something up but it's better for playing. charlie hurts, anthony scaramucci and mercedes schlep all your life. big show coming out. transfer president trump getting ready for a state of the address. we look at those memorable moments from the past like this fund for the gipper. >> will keep foremost in our hearts and minds now what is best for ourselves or party, but what is best for america.
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pete: welcome back as president trump the first to deliver his state of the union on tuesday night. about back of the most memorable moments from past speeches including this one from president george h.w. bush. >> what is at stake is more than one small country. it is a big idea, a new world order where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind, peace and security, freedom and the rule of law. >> a former speechwriter for george w. bush, george h.w. bush. she's also the ceo of atlas society from a think tank that promotes eying rent idea.
3:45 am
oakland. >> good morning. we are looking forward to the state of the union on tuesday. we just saw president george h.w. bush speaking. what do you think when you see that? >> this is what i think. zero no. it sounded more like wilson actually than president bush. i think it was the case of kind of the speechwriter is pushing the president out a little bit maybe more than he intended. it freaked out libertarians. conservatives didn't like it and it also led to this resurgence of ilio conservatism, which was something that helped to usher in president trump. pete:.speech given on the eve of the cold war. that is not one that rings in
3:46 am
the ears. they can push particular themes, but ultimately they came out as the words of the president. another clip to react to as bill clinton's state of union in 1895 talking about a topic on immigration front and center today. listen. >> all americans not only in the most heavily affected but they are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our countries. the jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants. the public service to use impose burdens on our tax payers. that is why your administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more. pete: what you make, jennifer, a bad speech commando teams come in today as well. >> that is a great one. people are saying president trump should figure out ways to appeal to the democrat, to bring the nation together.
3:47 am
i think you should quote two of the most popular democratic presidents of all time, president clinton on immigration and president kennedy on taxes. why not. he actually needs. >> i had the honor here at fox years ago to work with the late tony snow you work in writing h.w. bush speeches. one will play for you knows ronald reagan in 1988 he touched on the america first we want to play that for you and talk about how president trump how president trump at how president trump evidence is clearly america first agenda. here first, ronald reagan, nate tda. >> those who created this republic alleged to each other their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. so to come america's leaders today must pledge to each other that we will keep foremost in our heart and mind now what is best for ourselves or for her party, but what is best for
3:48 am
america. >> i want you to react to that. i mentioned tony as you did well at very difficult to script for the moment of their president and their personality. >> yes, tony was a great writer, great editor and a great manager and great friend, but sometimes the best writers do not make the best speech writers because being a speechwriter should be taking the nation, figuring out how to put it in the president's word and perhaps put in some historical allusion. that is a wonderful line in president reagan's last inauguration, last state of the union and it actually harkens back to his first, to his inauguration. i think there is a sentiment of america first, but it also highlights an opportunity for president trump because then-president reagan talked about it, he put some of the heart come as some of the philosophy, he talked about the
3:49 am
founders, the constitution and someone president trump says america first, he puts it out there as a sloping and i think without kind of explaining it, there is an opportunity for people to misunderstand it, whether accidentally or on purpose. >> will see president trump speechwriters take your eyes. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. train to derail at start of u.s. special forces enter afghanistan after 9/11. a big box office hit. the opera and executive producer of 12 strong takes a behind-the-scenes about film next. aily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. it can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate.
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3:53 am
train to the powerful story that shows a 12 minute change a powerful story. 12 strong as a major box office success. >> i would be missed if i didn't say to you our success coming home. >> you know better than not, nelson. >> it's a of a thing we do, isn't it? how you love your family and leave them to go to war. train to that movie was eighth
3:54 am
on the book were soldiers which are the true story behind the special forces deployed to afghanistan in the days following 9/11. the author of that book and executive producer of the film, doug stanton, joins us now to tell us more. thanks for being here. this story doesn't tell itself, but the story itself is so interesting that it lends itself to the new york times best-selling book in hollywood box office. how did you land on the idea of these 12 men? >> shortly after 9/11 they came out of afghanistan in a notice some fuzzy bearded guys in the background of the video when i started making phone calls and ended up traveling around the u.s. to military bases in going to afghanistan. i set out to write the definitive story of essential the 21st century's pearl harbor. train to what is it about the story that grips people so much? >> america had a very clear mention of payback after 9/11. a story that not so many people
3:55 am
actually knew about an event that changed us. if you want to understand today how we got into afghanistan, see this movie. trenchard 12 guys that take 50 towns and cities without losing a man. it almost sounds like something out of hollywood that is made up not from real life. >> it's true. they run horses because that's how the afghan resistance fighters are moving. they are run by the taliban and so america in this moment is actually the insurgent working like in world war ii behind enemy lines to link up with the locals then go in one place and you know, i've been to the movie now lots to the movie now lots of time with audiences in at the end they clap. pete: what does hollywood myths about the story that's pro-american with a good guy wins is what america wants to see? >> in this case the success of the movie is the heart had lots
3:56 am
of action, but really you see the vagabond bonding and that is this where we want to see. working together as diplomats and warriors. it's really powerful. train to a movie with heart, but also a lot of courage for what americans can do on the battlefield. it's unbelievable. congratulations on his great success. for folks who haven't checked it out yet, it's 12 strong -- "12 strong." when hollywood finally learned that making a movie like this pace, we will get even more as well. >> thank you. trade your to reaction to the president's immigration plan when charlie hurt in sebastian corp. to join us next. ah, it happened to your dad..uh with.. oh, look the tow trucks here! can't wait to be rescued?
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> the countdown to the presidents first of the state of the union on while it intensifies the mail. >> the white house has given enough on immigration protecting 1.8 million dreamers. senate minority leader chuck schumer has rejected the white house offer. democrats might use this as a political issue. this is about fixing the immigration problems across the board. >> the white house was running after attacks in afghanistan. resident trump saying in part how immense cruelty will not prevail. the fbi under fire accused of refusing to hand over text messages. >> the latest in a string of controversies as the bombshell
4:01 am
memo could be released any day now. >> an extraordinary situation. we are going to find a democratic party is the first shot in the resistance. pete: you might wonder why is there a dj at losing side and arcade games. what is adam klotz wiring? guess what? it is national fun out workday. rachel: it is already fun here. like we need this. this is also my dj request, miley cyrus.
4:02 am
you have a photo booth, barbecue. dj adam mixing it up. we are going to get to go down there. in that who periods. pete: is wondering on sunday why it is national fun out workday. i guess it always falls on the 20th. you can tell your boss tomorrow let's have more fun. >> also talking about something perhaps not defined a very important time of the immigration proposal at the white house. turn to the white house released a template of what they want from a deal over daca. we know democrats have talked about. democrats came out ferociously saying i don't care what you want to give us even if it's 1.2 million a path to citizenship. you are racist. we don't support you. although let's came out. we see feedback from all sides. the president last night watching the reaction of democrats. about 10:00 p.m. last night where you were sleeping they
4:03 am
said this. i have offered daca a wonderful deal including a doubling in the number of recipients in a 12 year pathway to citizenship for two reasons. one because republicans want to fix a longtime terrible problem and to show that democrats do not want to solve daca, only use they appear to follow that up with a second one that said the democrats are not interested in border security or in funding and rebuilding of our military. they are only interested in obstruction. rachel, you made a point. rachel: data one of solve daca. this very generous offer, offering three times the amount of basically amnesty and citizenship for the dreamers that obama ever offered and they come out and they say you are a racist. you are trying to make america white again. how do you deal with people like
4:04 am
this? griff: of course come in the last time i checked name-calling is a former successful legislating or governing. that is what they've reduced to. they are name-calling of the worst kind. at the end of the day, the fact that democrats won't even come to the table is not only stifling the debate over what is, as you point out, the most generous offer, but it also sets the table for these midterm elections than what it is democrat leaders can say to their voters like you had a deal on the table and you didn't even entertain it. you just call the guy a bunch of names. pete: one way to frame the deal is he's calling the democrats bus. no one expected 1.8 million, double the amount of amnesty recipients. i expected a path for dissidents to jeb which meant a lot of criticism or some criticism from the right for folks who say that's a big giveaway. a bold calling of the blog for a
4:05 am
bad opening bed and i think he's getting criticism from both sides including myself. he didn't campaign on the pathway to citizenship, so there is some concern of how they make sure the border is truly secure without giving away amnesty. rachel: the white house is coming out in saying this is not amnesty. this is how you get a deal that makes people the middle. he give border security and we are not going to deport them. we have raj shah, the white house press secretary says about this. >> the president is showing leadership. he is always sad that he wants a responsible outcome for the daca population. a path that involves 10 to 12 years. they have to engage in the system. they cannot commit crimes. they have to pay back taxes. we're going to extend family chain migration across the
4:06 am
board. when the president ran on fixing this once and for all. if this proposal becomes law, we are going to get a southern border wall. we'll have dozens of origins on the southern border and stop the flow of illegal immigrant and for that, in exchange for that, giving a pathway to citizenship for people that came here as minor as we think is a fair and reasonable compromise. transfer the son of immigrants, raj shah they are, raj shah they are in a state of the union. rachel, what does the president say to those dreamers in the audience on tuesday? rachel: a perfect opportunity to set one to help you, i want a path to citizenship, but we must as a country solve this problem once and for all. if you give border security and have a pathway to citizenship, you have a deal and you can move immigration off the table and talk about which you want to talk about, which is the economy. pete: the left wants all or nothing. they need to reassure
4:07 am
conservatives who've been told by so-called conservatives in the past that we'll do comprehensive immigration reform that amnesty and a little bit of this and a little bit of that. sequencing matters. you've got ended before you bestow a pathway to citizenship to even more legal immigrants than you thought. i love what raj shah said. you'll be given this amnesty or opportunity to citizenship. you better be the top of the top, best of the best of the so-called dreamers that the left likes to talk about. keep them, but if you screw up, you're out of here and the wall be important. reserve judgment on the deal until you see what actually comes of it. but the debate happening. at least as a deal can happen, were on the left you are racist, you are out and we hate you. how does that work? pete: they are really rallying up to dreamers than many of them are hard-core activists now.
4:08 am
i think they are setting him up with really bad strategy. some of these dreamers disrupting the halls of congress, calling the president are racist and chanting about him being part of the. double knotted dirty to the america people who by the way through the president have just offered three times the amount of people that obama offered. by the way, obama had eight years to solve this and right after the one-year anniversary, trump is offering a permanent solution for them in a permanent solution to handle the illegal immigration. >> it will be interesting to see if they used a strategy to also name-calling the other issues the president will talk about in the state of the union. it's also going to be jobs and the economy, infrastructure, trade, national security. it will be stunning to me if i reported on wednesday morning
4:09 am
that democrats are attacking a proposal for infrastructure, perhaps the most bipartisan of all issues traditionally in washington because you're spending money building roads and all that stuff. train to building a wall. part of the infrastructure is building the wall. >> state of the union on tuesday night is the height of washington political theater. you see the republicans stand and democrats can and sometimes pseudo-standard nobody stands. you've had such a successful incredible first year. if they come back to our country, the crushing of isis. they will make serious calculations because they can talk all they want and you see it on the networks wall-to-wall, but the reality is they are feeling more optimistic about their country. it'll be very interesting to see. pete: maybe that's why some of them are going. the president is touting how great unemployment, how will the
4:10 am
unemployment numbers have been for african-americans. you don't want to stand up and applaud but you go i will show out. >> who is talking to, he will talk to the american people and democrats are little bit of risk of how they respond because he is going talk about things he's done for the american people, paychecks he has raised come security he has provided. it will be something that could potentially backfire because he speaks to the american people. he's got so many great angles. but if he does quote bill clinton from 1995 on immigration and says where are you now? and we can achieve this amazing young pathway to citizenship. he's got some interesting angles he could play. if you are the speechwriter, and the u.n. don't envy you. >> i do think he should speak directly to the dreamers is offering a deal and their
4:11 am
democrat leaders are telling them. so why am i not supposed to take this deal? >> say here is why we can both get what we want in a place you can get 60 votes. >> first headline. transfer we've got headlines for you. the death toll rising from the suicide bombing in afghanistan's capital. 103 people are dead and another 235 going. condemning the terror group calling the attack despicable. he treats taligent targeted innocent. our thoughts and prayers go to the vet demand first responders will not allow the taliban to win. >> terrorism related charges. jeffrey o'laughlin allegedly calling her office saying use gunpowder and put some people in the grave. he's been charged with making a
4:12 am
terror threat for the second time in as many months. bond has been set at $50,000. rachel: roger federer is at it again. capturing the open moments ago, defeating -- pete: try to pronounce that one. sure in three babies. it is the sixth time federer has won the open. his 20th grand slam title at this close competitor. pete: i love you, but i love watching you read sports headlines. griff: still ahead, liberal comedian chelsea handler with another shot at winning his support president trump. >> 53% or 54% voted for donald trump and that made me sick to my stomach.
4:13 am
>> those comments met with silence from the left. why the double standard? the debate coming up. plus, what does charlie hurt to think of the president's immigration plan. he's a conservative who supported the president a lot. very interesting. we will hear that next. ♪ yes, we are twins. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at sometimes you need an expert. i got it.
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4:16 am
pete: tomorrow, president pete: allied with more details with more detailed its immigration forever, offering a path to citizenship with a blend daca citizens for $225 billion to border security measures
4:17 am
sound beginning of the visa lottery system and chain migration. >> or to break it down, opinion editor and fox news contributor and someone i love doing shows with, how are you? welcome this morning. what he think of the deal? i think it's brilliant. what do you think? >> i think it's probably brilliant as well. it's not what i want is a conservative. there's a lot of things in here that i wish there's a difference between a pathway to citizenship in a pathway to legalization and i think that the one plane 8 million citizenship is too much and i wish that there was even more border security in it. that said, this is absolutely the most centrist immigration plan that we've ever seen in 30 plus years of these people in washington arguing about this issue. this is the most serious issue, the most serious or pozo were somebody has come in, looked at
4:18 am
both sides instead i hear everything you say on the right, everything on the left and here is a great meeting point in the middle. let's all come together and do something about it. the fact that you have democrats calling you racist, making america white again, it is just preposterous and it shows in my mind, shows that those people are not interested in actually striking the deal. they want to keep the issue, the broken system, keep out broken because they can run elections off of it. they have no interest in fixing the problem. pete: for conservatives to or has a tan. is that sequencing or timing important, making sure security measures are in place when you get amnesty or path to citizenship you're not creating the problem in washington and a security measures against amnesty. is that important aspect? >> absolutely. time and time again in 1986 with ronald reagan, the issue of
4:19 am
security and legalization, amnesty. politicians love to do the easy part. they love to give amnesty when it comes to the hard part, spending money, figuring out how to stop the flow, politicians don't like to do that thing, so they did the amnesty part in 86. they didn't do security. we have 3 million illegals back then and now blossoms to what we have today, which is 12 million, the much higher than not. we don't know. for that reason, if you are a conservative or in a sensible american who cares about the borders, you have to hold politicians here accountable every step of the way in the way you do that is to say security has to calm with the legalization. pete: charles, real quick, does this present a problem like pelosi's and schumer going forward when they are exposed
4:20 am
for not wanting to come to the table and name-calling. is this big a problem they have to go explained to their constituents 800,000 of them that are dreamers why they didn't even bother. pete: even on top of that, the so-called moderate democrats, theirs is the most critical in the senate. >> absolutely come at the real problem what you all are just saying. if he goes out tomorrow or tuesday night talking directly to the dreamers, directly to the centrist democrat, they are not going to listen to this make america white again nonsense. they are sitting there going this is not everything we wanted, more than what president obama was suggesting. pete: puts them in a very tough political spot. rachel: which is why they're screaming racist. in the white house coming under attack all week long. the left had nothing. why the double standard? we are going to debate that
4:21 am
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and more downloads in seconds, not minutes. get fast internet and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more per month. comcast is building america's largest gig-speed network to give small businesses more. call 1-800-501-6000 today. griff: welcome back. click headline for you picked republican chairman finance committee steve wynn has resigned. accepting his resignation against claims of misconduct. he had denied any wrongdoing. any reports suggesting harassment by a former hillary clinton aide continued long after initial allegations in 2008. feed now reporting that burns strider was accused of unwanted touching while working for a pro-clinton super pac in 2015. the so-called faith guru kept his job on the 2008 campaign
4:25 am
despite similar accusations then. rachel. rachel: thank you, griff. , that women facing attacks from all sides are the headlines filled with rumors about marital problems between the president and the first lady as press secretary sarah huckabee sanders to stop dressing like a sister wife and u.n. ambassador nikki haley with the latest victim with rumors of an affair. this time with the president. >> it is absolutely not true. it is highly offensive and it is disgusting. rachel: mostly silent in the white house. why the double standard pression mercury to debate, democratic strategist christie spencer and freelance writer and former press assistant senator rick santorum. while cohen. let's start with you. this is an administration that no one can argue that it's the
4:26 am
women at the top echelon of this administration and this administration and yet we received these really gross attacks. i'm especially troubled by the attack on nikki haley can view an ambassador of having an affair with the president with no basis. this seems like a war on conservative women and yet we hear not aimed from the left on these attacks of powerful women. what do you make of that? >> yeah, the first thing to understand is who is making these attacks? chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, anyone in elected office? no, they are not. these are not democratic attacks. that's the first thing to understand. the second thing is it is unfortunate and i agree with nikki haley, disgusting. the truth is that i'm sure you know this as well, and he wanted to put themselves out there in the spotlight whether democrat or republican or something in between are entirely different
4:27 am
gets unfair attacks on their appearance, on the reviews if you don't believe that, i invite you to check out my twitter feed those things happened that they are not coming from the democratic party. >> normally when you see concerted attacks, you see concerted attacks on a group of powerful women in the administration. you'd be other women within government coming to their defense and calling them out and trying to stop this kind of behavior. >> stokley. good morning. this is a greater problem and what you see here is women on the left cannot wrap their mind around the fact that so many women in this country voted for president trump. this is a president whose policy -- this is a president who's policies are good for women. this is a president who's the women in key positions in the white house. this is a president who spoke women in key positions in the
4:28 am
cabinet. these women are talented women. women like nikki haley have, and she's been attacked because when they don't have facts, they go for attacks. >> let me offer one fact that federal job that federal job as a part of our white men to his cabinet than anybody in a generation. 91%. >> let's take a look really quick. >> look at the left wing. rachel: at ladies, hold on for a second. i want to look at this clip from chelsea handler. it's not coming from government officials. you and i both know coulter lead politics. chelsea has a big voice and a big influence on democratic politics. luscious play it -- [inaudible conversations] >> 53% or 54% of white women
4:29 am
voted for donald trump and that made me sick to my stomach ache as we are voting against their best interest for 94% of black women did not vote for donald trump because they did they'd be voting against their best interest. rachel: will hear from christie attacking all the women who voted for donald trump. >> and the allowed for someone who holds a public platform. she does not speak for the democratic party pitch you have voted democratic. i assume she did. david duke would've for donald trump. does he speak for the president? i would hope you would think not. lauren, last word on this one. >> this shows the big disconnect between liberals who call themselves feminists in this country and the rest of the women in this country. there is a huge disconnect and they do not speak for all women and they claim to. rachel: will leave it at that and make her viewers have their own decision on that.
4:30 am
this is outrageous. a high school teacher and a city councilman slammed our military in the classroom. >> they are not high-level bankers here they are not academic intellectual people. they are the lowest of our low. rachel: the fallout from this disturbing rant, next. also you're a "fox and friends" commit today is officially national fun at work today. we have a barbecue. make sure to stick around with that. "fox and friends." [man] woah. ugh, i don't have my wallet, so - [girl 1] perfect! you can send a digital payment. [man] uhh, i don't have one of those payment apps. [girl 2] perfect! you have a us-based bank account, right? [man] i have wells fargo. [girl 3] perfect! then you should have zelle!
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the best simple dinner ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at pete: we don't have a lot of power a lot of power here, but we'll take you inside the classroom by the power videotape. this city councilman, actually iphone, nobody uses videotape anymore. this government teacher caught on video ranting against the military. take a listen to pico rivera, high school at our ranch in california appear the same. [inaudible] they are not high-level bankers. they are the lowest of our low.
4:35 am
i'm not saying they're bad morals. they are not talented people. pete: not talented people. if a people. if a student is recorded audio of this teacher, probably not the first time he had something like this to say. >> we've reached out to mr. salcido and we are not able to talk to him because he's out of town. there will be disciplinary measures taken. pete: we got a statement from the district. griff: put data. that is the statement. the first thing you do because this is the city councilman say hey, this is an elected leader that calls the mayor gustavo camacho rivera silent. no, whatsoever. perhaps because he doesn't know what to say because it's a poor and the things he says. rachel: as a parent i generally
4:36 am
don't like kids having phones in schools. but this is a case for why they should. a lot of teachers use their position in the classroom to indoctrinate their kids in the only way kids can defend themselves these days is to record it and hopefully get some justice. pete: is so ridiculous that lowest of the low, not talented. having served across our nation with men across this nation they are the most courageous, most thoughtful, leaders of her community. but it's also so indicative of the mind of the left as well. john kerry was that if you don't study you will get caught in iraq. there's the idea if you don't have any other shot you can go into the military make something of yourself. this trend for a women fighting for people just like that teacher to say what he just said. rachel: e-mail us at friends@ friends@fox -- pete: she never got the welcome
4:37 am
letter. rachel: president trump confirming the controversial ban on supporting trophies have a pair of african nations will not remain in place. according to the "huffington post" the president called the initial decision by the u.s. fish and wildlife service to overturn the atomic era terrible. the agencies announced in november was met with criticism from both sides of the aisle. a woman trying to visit her dying mother is removed from a united airline flight after an online travel agent they canceled her ticket just before takeoff. traveler hot desk claiming a mixup over the women switching to an earlier flight from colorado to minnesota without telling them. carroll sitting on the united plane was told she had to get off. staff not letting her buy another ticket was sold to drive to minnesota. her 80-year-old mother passing away halfway through the tray.
4:38 am
she accused the airline of not offering empathy or halt. washington state issuing a new emergency rule to help protect illegal immigrant will no longer be required to provide their birthplace in driver's license applications. the decision coming weeks after the seattle times reported licensing was handing over personal information that could be used her and deport illegal immigrants. those are your headlines. griff. griff: thank you. while we have fun at our jobs every morning, today is officially national fun at work today. you get to read. >> i get to read something? brian here, our morning dj of and crowd control entertainment. >> are great dj and music always of the party is it fun to kind of control the party when you're in that?
4:39 am
>> it's nice to be a part of celebrations and just kind of keep the celebrations going. >> you had me in that tease. ripping something. let it roll. let's hear this. >> a lot of finesse right there. >> rachel, where are you having fun? rachel: i'm driving. this is so fun. i'm terrible.
4:40 am
my kids say on the worst driver in the world i assume. pete: while rachel plays videogames and she's terrible at it but i love her anyway. chef matthew carbine up butcher bars here in new york city a location on the lower east side. when i think barbecue, i think evening, but you're saying you could have for breakfast, edward and pretty. >> raised in new york city, perches on the weekend so we took our barbecue in which i did into branch. we are about drinks, some of the best bloody mary is. it comes down to the lower east side. pete: you didn't bring in a bloody mary's. >> i apologize out that. on to keep each errata for the morning show. we did bring you a bunch of stuff prism of our brunch items. we have burnt and the scrambled eggs, home fries, baking, organic greens. french toast would you texas
4:41 am
style. we had monte christo over here with pulled pork and bury mns fried egg sandwich with tons of bacon and cheddar over here. pete: what you call your burnt ends. >> double smoked beef burnt ends. the infamous burnt ends. pete: what is the meat candy? >> people love them so much. they are guaranteed to change her life. pete: they are changing my life right now. we've got a think everyone making it nationally. magical productions entertainment and of course these two gentlemen from butcher bar. might as well have fun out work. doctors sebastian corker is here. he won't be at the party, that he will be at the television screen. ♪ hold together.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
transfer allegations against the fbi keep getting worse this morning. the embattled agency accused of withholding text messages from senior officials including former or james comey and andrew mackay. you do react, national security strategies than deputy assistant to president trump, sebastian gorka. thank you for being here. mr. percy and the doj withholding the majority of the text messages including some from andrew mackay appeared withholding from congress. why would they do that and what could this mean? >> the question is who made that decision? the fbi is an incredible institution. i worked with thousands of agents and analysts, but the problem is the management layer, it is riddled through with obama
4:46 am
area appointees who basically have politicized the agency. if you look at test messages we've seen for peter stzrok and wanted hillary to win and give her special treatment so she could become president. we need to see tracks messages from andy mckay because he's probably in contravention of the hijacked given how he politically stopped for his wife the democratic candidate, got $700,000 from a clinton body here in the d.c. region. so what did they have to hide as the row question. >> a great point about all these obama area bureaucrats and appointees still in place. why hasn't the president done more good so has appointments behind the ball on this. is this a wake-up call. >> there's two reasons.
4:47 am
i've spoken to the president since i left the white house and to his credit he's taken a very hands-off approach. he is by the constitution the chief law enforcement officer. it's not record fbi. the chief law enforcement officer is the president. but he wants them to do their work, given a clean bill of health because he knows there was no collusion. he knows he's completely innocent so we've taken a hands-off approach. the other thing we have to remember when we won the election than when we moved into the white house on january january 20th, there was a tiny group of people that won the election. donald trump was the antiestablishment candidate. he was only accidentally the gop candidate. the pool of people to recruit was quite small. griff: let me ask you what the president's plan coming out tomorrow, i want to play for you a congresswoman, yvette clarke from the brooklyn district here
4:48 am
and she is talking about isis here. take a listen to this. she made this at a rally recently. >> standing in front of a building that has become gestapo of the united states of america. transfer the gestapo standing in front of the i.c.e. headquarters. >> this woman should be recalled. this is a disgrace to five do not see his world war ii. to say this on holocaust memorial weekend is a disgrace. it is a disgrace to congress in her office. this is a woman who has no idea what she's talking about. the brave men and women of the department of homeland security's of i.c.e. agents protect this country and to compare them makes me sick.
4:49 am
it literally makes me sick. pete: is iran talks that immigration proposal brought forth the white house, what is the big take away the democrats resisting so far, the conservatives we are a little bit of the 1.8 million number of the past two citizens go with the big take away they should have at the president's plan? >> to take away should be the president built his campaign on the wall and fixing immigration. he's tried to be open in theaters tried to be kindhearted. democrats have shut them down, these going to protect this nation. griff: thank you very much for joining us today. pete: thank you. coming up, maxine waters isn't just skipping. she skipping on response. the veteran who offered to take her seat go into the president's speech. rachel and her husband, congressman john duffy. during the snacks. oh! hey... wa.
4:50 am
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>> tigre congresswoman maxine waters isn't just boycotting the state of the union pictures said to give her an address on pet tuesday night in response to the president's speech. since maxine waters isn't going to attend to ricky taylor asked for mercy that will now be attending tanks to congressman sean duffy. our own rachel. >> joining us now with more debt army veterans served two tours in afghanistan. ricky taylor, welcome to "fox and friends." so glad to meet you over the television here. >> thank you so much.
4:54 am
i want to extend my thanks to you and your act of kindness in letting me go to this. thanks so much. pete: i couldn't be prouder to give you my gallery ticket. you also get dinner with my husband. it's on hand. , food. i rarely get a dinner alone was shot on the little jealous. >> i said i wasn't going to hold back either. i hope he's ready. rachel: did maxine waters did maxine waters office reach out when he originally said that tree? >> now come i never did hear from maxine or her can. i think she is more concerned with her personal vendetta against the president and to reach out to a veteran who doesn't agree with their point of views. pete: thank you to your service to our nation. first and foremost, when you hear democrats like maxine waters and she's not the only one that made these remarks, how do you feel? >> i don't think they are in tune with the average daily american or veterans like me.
4:55 am
they kind of take for granted the position they are in and it's really unfortunate. pete: some members of congress are bringing illegal immigrants, members of the state of union. the deputies are bringing a decorated military veteran. you have dreams, too. you love this country and serve. what is it mean that the state of the union at this moment? >> for me, the opportunity to go and really just be in awe of what the president has done and to be there and all of the people supporting me on twitter and veterans in regular american citizens and the like. i'm happy for the opportunity is something i'll never forget. rachel: you're not going to forget. you are brought together the country in a way that third interest in because the state of the union when sean was first elected, president obama was in office and a republican, not an
4:56 am
obama supporter, the first thing he thought when he realized one, the next was i get to go to the state of the union. it's an honor and i think your excitement about going and putting out that tree, excepting my invitation to take my ticket really puts in perspective the way our country wants to feel about the state of the union, which is the unifying moment and honor to be part of it in your excitement is contagious. >> thank you so much. i couldn't agree more. to go do something like this or to boycott it to be a sacrilegious. i just couldn't understand why somebody would want to go. pete: you are setting an example for a lot of people who are very shortsighted. thank you for your service to our country and enjoy the speech on tuesday. pete: i hope to meet on tuesday. >> i have to. thank you, guys. pete: stuart varney come anthony scaramucci and senior communications adviser, mercedes
4:57 am
schlock, all here live as we listen to the arcade games. >> plus, the real-life story of three american heroes who stopped a terror attack on a train is hitting the big screen. kevin mccarthy sits down with the actors 15: seven teams to paris. n't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned, or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through february 28th. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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5:00 am
>> the countdown to the president's first state of the union is on. while the battle over immigration reform intensifies on the hill. >> the president's plan offers a path to citizenship for 1.8 million dreamers but according to to the democrats that is just not enough. >> while the president last night sent a couple of tweets democrats are not interested in border safety security or in funding or rebuilding of our military, they are only interested in obstruction. >> it's just preposterous. they want to keep the issues the broken system, they want to keep that broken because they can run elections off of it >> the white house now responding after terror attacks in afghanistan. president trump is saying in part, quote, the taliban's cruelty will not prevail.
5:01 am
>> the fbi under fire accused of refusing to hand over key text messages. >> it is just the latest in a string of controversies as that bombshell memo could be released any day now. >> this is an extraordinary situation. we are going to find that the democratic party this is kind of the first shot in the resistance. ♪ >> who requested this? >> i didn't, but i like anything toby keith so i'm all right with it. >> absolutely. >> let's get your morning started. >> welcome to the couch on this -- it is sunday, right? >> it is sunday. >> we have been here all morning. we're having fun because it is national have fun at workday.
5:02 am
we're going to bring some of that here. you will hear noises of arcade games. we will bring that to you later in the show. there is a lot of news as well. we're glad to have you here. a lot of news. including preparations for the state of the union. president trump preparing to give that address on tuesday. >> we know what he will be focusing on tuesday night. >> and ellison barber is live in washington, d.c. with the details. ellison? >> good morning to all of you. the senior administration official says the theme for the speech is building a safe, strong and proud america. the speech will be forward looking but they also said the speech is going to be somewhat of a, quote, victory lap. the biggest headline, the economy and in official's words it is roaring. the president will talk about jobs and the economy. that includes tax reform, tax cut, deregulation, and possibly college savings.
5:03 am
he's also expected to talk about infrastructure, immigration, trade, and national security. five democrats are planning to boycott the president's address, representative john lewis, a noted civil rights icon said he would probably skip the address because of what trump reportedly said about haiti and african countries during that now notorious immigration meeting. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg won't be there either. she will be in rhode island speaking at a law school. that's something that was announced in august, about three months before speaker ryan announced the date for the state of the union address. griff, rachel, pete? >> thanks a lot. >> there will be a lot to watch for. this is the height of so called washington, d.c. political theater. you have two opposites. you have the democrats who spent their first year completely resisting this president. you see a few skipping the state of the union. then you see the incredible success of the first year almost unprecedented with the stock market, the economy, a dichotomy
5:04 am
that will play out as republicans or democrats choose to stand or not, we always kind of watch that and how often they do. of course you've got the destruction of isis as well which is a pretty nice little footnote there. it will be very interesting tv. >> it really is. he just came off the triumphant trip to davos that everybody said was going to be a big fail and turned out to be pretty awesome for him. now he's going to take a victory lap on the economy and on isis, something we don't talk enough about it is what he's done in his first year. the democrats are going to have a hard time. how do you not clap when you hear about unemployment levels down so far for minorities? and you're sitting on the democrat side. do you clap? do you not? or do you skip out like maxine waters? >> what reporters will be watching for is what the democrats do when he brings up immigration. that is really, you know, the elephant in the room. the president last night tweeting about what has been in his words obstruction. let me read you the tweets we
5:05 am
got around 10:00 last night. he says i have offered daca a wonderful deal, including a doubling in the number of recipients in a 12 year path to citizenship for two reasons, one, because the republicans want to fix a long-time terrible problem and two to show the democrats don't want to solve daca, only use it. he continued with another tweet saying democrats are not interested in border safety and security or in the funding and rebuilding of our military. they are only interested in obstruction. that being the key word obstruction there. any way you cut it, and you look at this, it is the democrats not even willing to address the opening bid and resorting to essentially name calling. >> they have shown their true colors. they said put your plan on paper. then he did. gave him three times than the obama administration what they wanted so called dreamers illegal immigrants who get to say and pathway to citizenship. all they do, pelosi, schumer, left wing groups, you are a
5:06 am
racist, you want to make america white again. that response is so telling of democrats. >> it really is. i think the greatest fear on the democrat side of the aisle is that donald trump will actually take immigration off the table because really what this deal does is it resolves the problem with the dreamers that are here already. and it solves the border problem which started it which means we won't have to come back to this in the future. a >> this is absolutely the most centrist immigration plan that we've ever seen in 30 plus years of these people in washington arguing about this issue. and here is a great meeting point in the middle, let's all come together and do something about it. the fact that you have these democrats calling him a racist, making america white again, and all of this stuff, it's -- it's just preposterous and it shows
5:07 am
in my mind it shows that those people, they are not interested in actually striking a deal. they want to keep the issue, the broken system -- >> it is quite clear the democrats are doubling down on obstruction here. even if they say they wanted it. charlie heard in that interview also said hey as a conservative there's some stuff i really don't like in here either. it is a big give away, 1.8 million. you could classify it as amnesty, a pathway to citizenship. it could have been legalization. was it too much of a give away in an opening bid from this white house? we will see. i think we should reserve judgment on that. one thing could be done is to make sure the timing is done properly. you can't give away amnesty and hope eventually you get these things even if a bill was signed we have seen that happen before. make sure wall -- make sure the wall gets built, the visa lottery system truly ends and then you can start on the pathway to citizenship. it should be a one strike or you are out. if you do one thing wrong as a so called dreamer to get your
5:08 am
citizenship, then you have lost your chance. >> that's fair enough. the point you make security first, amnesty second would make sense under any other president, except this is a president who keeps his promises. >> i agree. i'm not worried about the president. i'm worried about administrations down the line or congress. >> it is going into a fund, and i actually believe he's going to do this. >> i have no doubts about him and his commitment to security, it is everybody else. >> the reason it hasn't happened in the past, pete, is because the american people are exactly where the president is on this deal. do something for the dreamers. fix the problem so we don't have the deal with another wave of dreamers in the future. that's what he's doing. the press secretary actually trying to pacify some of the concerns that people on the right rightfully have. here's what he said. >> i think the president is showing leadership. the president has always said that he wanted a responsible
5:09 am
outcome for the daca population. it's a pathway that involves 10 to 12 years. they have to engage in the system. they cannot commit crimes. they cannot -- they have to pay back taxes. we're going to end extended family chain migration across the board for all new entrants into this country. the president ran on fixing this problem once and for all. if this proposal becomes law, we're going to get a southern border law. we're going to have thousands of more agents on the southern border. we're going to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and the flow of illegal drugs. for that, in exchange for that, giving a pathway to citizenship for people that came here as minors we think is a fair and reasonable compromise. >> i think conservatives should fight to make it better not fight to blow it up at this point and judge it based on the final product. >> good point. >> another story we need to talk about too that we're going to hear more about the state of the union and that is our washington post back where i will be heading soon has this headline today. trump sought release of
5:10 am
classified russia memo, putting him at odds with the justice department. this is very much a story that americans are interested in because it is about the transparency and seeing our government at work. and congressman ron desantos talking about this memo that we have heard about. here's what he has to say >> that memo is coming out, judge, and when it does, it is going to answer a lot of the questions that you and your viewers have had about how did this dossier come into the possession of the fbi, did the fbi use it, once that is public, then i think we have the ability to really press for people to be held accountable. once the memo is released, i think there's going to be calls for a special counsel, from all these committee chairman who are involved in it. i think it is going to be hard for sessions not to do that. >> back up a bit. we talk about memos all the time because we follow this day-to-day. this is the memo written by
5:11 am
nunez and the house intel committee, that lays out the process, how it may or may not be used by high level doj or obama administration officials to surveil the trump campaign. what are the motivations? what do we know? this is a classified document. your husband has seen it. a lot of people say there could be some big bombshell things in there. until the public sees it, we can't judge it. should this memo be declassified and be shared with the public? >> the doj is saying no don't release it. there is some stuff in there that the american public can't see. >> the reason why we mention andy mccabe is again forget which memo came from where, the important take away is whether or not your government and the people at the department of justice and fbi used political bias for which we have been submitted to, the president is under investigation for more than a year. >> whether they used the dossier
5:12 am
paid for by the clinton campaign as an excuse to spy on the trump campaign. >> so some of the guys who may have been a part of that process doesn't want us to see it. but trump does. i think we will have a chance to see it. it could be very revealing. stick with us for the rest of the hour. rapper jay-z, now the latest celebrity to slam president trump. watch this. >> looking down on a whole population of people, and you're so misinformed because these places have beautiful people. now we have donald trump the super bug. >> super bug, he did not stop there. we will play more from jay-z in a bit. plus another democrat says he's confident his party will change the balance of power in the midterms. what are the chances of that actually happening? scott rasmussen breaks it down for us next. ♪ when you look at the mercedes-benz glc... with its high-tech cameras and radar,
5:13 am
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5:16 am
welcome back. well another democrat sounding off confident his party will flip congress's balance of power in up the coming midterm elections -- up coming midterm elections. chair of the congressional black caucus saying quote for the first time since i have been in congress, i really think it is a real possibility. we're going to bust our butts to make sure we take back the house next year. is he right? here to break it down pollster and editor-at-large scott rasmussen. good morning. >> good morning. >> we hear a lot about democrats saying their chance to get a lever of power is the house of representatives. update us on this. >> they do have a chance. let's be clear. my projections on scott right now show if the election were held today, a pretty decent democratic turnout, they would fall just short. >> a good democratic turnout? >> which is a midterm election, that's a normal thing.
5:17 am
the republicans would end up with 221 seats. democrats would have 214. paul ryan would have an ulcer with that narrow a majority. >> sure. >> clearly with a lot of time left, anything could happen. >> a month ago these numbers may have been flipped and could have looked a lot different. >> things looked a lot better for the democrats a month ago. the democrats had about 13 point lead on the generic congressional ballot. it is down at real clear to about 7.9 points right now. the latest fox poll showed it being 4 point edge. most recent polls are showing 6 point democratic advantage. when you go from a 13 point edge down to 6, not only is the trend good that dramatically changes the potential in the house. >> so talk to us about some of those changes and why they came about. >> sure. well, the poll when the democrats were up 13, it was before the republicans had passed tax reform. a couple big things on this, first of all, it was the first time the republican congress passed anything under donald trump. >> they were a do nothing congress until then. >> right, this gives republicans a reason to say i think it
5:18 am
matters our guys are in charge. it positioned the republicans to take advantage of a turbo charged economy. they could say this happened because of our regulatory efforts and because of tax reform >> if people are richer come election day, that's a good thing for republicans. as long as they are given the credit for it. >> exactly right. the next thing that also helped the shutdown was a victory for the republicans and as donald trump likes to say, people like winning. i think it was bigger than that though. they liked the fact that donald trump was fighting the washington post and the new york times and the political class. he also had a better strategic understanding of what was going on. he really left the democrats in a no win position on the immigration issue, something that we're seeing playing out in tweets and the responses of democrats ever since. trump understood that instinctively going into the shutdown debate. that's why he won. >> absolutely. immigration tied into this as well which we will get to. first we will start with how democrats are pushed from impeachment, and what that means.
5:19 am
>> some democrats really want to be talking about impeachment. that sounds great if you're in the deep blue districts that the democrats are going to win no matter what. >> sure. >> no most of the districts the democrats need to win to get a majority were carried by donald trump. that's just not the message you want to go into that with. you want to go into and talking about issues that will matter to the swing voters. >> you say they are being pulled to the left by billionaires like tom stier who want to talk about climate change and impeachment not wallet issues. >> right. every time that happens it takes time away from talking about a issue that matters. >> state of the union coming up, a big issue, immigration. >> the president is going to continue to press his strategic advantage. right now he's got the positioning where he wants to make the grand bargain. forget the dedatails -- details. it is a position that extremists on both parties struggle with, but if the democrats are saying
5:20 am
we don't care about border security, bad place for them to be. i think the president can continue to press this advantage. >> this last map shows us the current lay of the land. you're conceding that republicans likely lose some seats. >> almost certain they are going to lose -- >> almost certainly, the question is do they keep enough to maintain the majority? >> if you go back to the last ten midterm elections, the democrats would have about 40% chance to picking up the number of seats they need to win control. it could happen. just don't know. >> things can change as we have seen. we will keep having you update us. thanks a lot. >> thanks. still ahead, stewart varney, anthony scaramucci and maria bartiromo all coming up live. the real-life story, three american heroes who stopped a terror attack on a train hitting the big screen. our own kevin mccarthy sits down with clint eastwood with the stars of the movie. the real life heroes, next.
5:21 am
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time now for some quick headlines. the grammys holding counterterrorism training ahead of tonight's ceremony for the first time ever. fox affiliate in new york reports high-profile artists took part in an all day training session led by the u.s. state department. the briefing instructing them what to do specifically in the event of a terror attack. the move comes in light of recent attacks at concerts in las vegas, manchester, and paris. and police beefing up security ahead of next sunday's super bowl in minneapolis. officers being brought in from surrounding areas along with the minnesota national guard and 10,000 volunteers trained to
5:25 am
spot suspicious activity. clint eastwood's up coming new film tells the real-life story of three brave americans whose quick action helped thwart a 2015 terror attack on a high speed train in europe. take a look. >> kevin mccarthy is a fox news contributor. he sat down with clint eastwood and the three heroes of this film who play themselves in the movie. that's very interesting. >> yeah, good morning to you, griff rachel and pete. it is a really cool concept that clint eastwood cast the actual heroes to play themselves in the film. at the time spencer stone was in
5:26 am
the u.s. air force. alec skarlatos was actually a national guardsman in oregon and the other gentleman anthony sadler was just a friend of theirs and they were on a trip to europe. they were on this train. they stopped a gunman. there were 500 people on the train at this time. eastwood is making this film and using the real life guys. i sat down with the three real life guys yesterday, also eastwood to talk about the filmmaking behind the movie. what is it like to play yourself in a film? but also what is their favorite clint eastwood line of all time? first at the beginning of the interview, you hear clint eastwood talk about why he wanted to recreate the train scene on an actual moving train. watch this. >> what challenge did that give you shooting on an actual train? >> i've done it before. i did it in unforgiven but it was a slow train. this train, you know, it will go
5:27 am
225 miles-an-hour. the highest we clocked it was about 180 i think when we were on it. but, you know, sometimes it is going slow. sometimes it's fast. it was a lot of -- we had -- we get on every morning and go from paris on up to amsterdam, wherever, and come back down, work our way back down. >> i don't know, man, do you ever feel like life is pushing us towards something? like some greater purpose? >> how do you act like yourself? i don't know how i would do that. almost like an outer body thing. >> kind of weird because it feels like you have to pick and choose a little bit what parts of yourself you want to share to millions of people forever. >> interesting dynamic. you're constantly trying to battle your insecurities in your own head but the key to the picture was being casted in it was authenticity. >> since we're all playing ourselves, we were also like dressed the same and in the same places. basically doing the trip all over again and again we have all been friends since we were like 5 or 12 years old, so it made it
5:28 am
really easy for us because we just had to interact with each other the way we normally would. >> what's your favorite eastwood one liner? >> my favorite one liner, we were in between scenes and he looked over at me and he just said not a bad way to make a living, huh? >> we can't top that anthony. why did you go first? >> get off my porch, probably. >> probably do you feel lucky, punk? >> what's your favorite? >> i haven't done it yet. [laughter] >> honestly one of the greatest answers ever. i haven't done it yet. i was looking back at some of my favorite clint eastwood one-liners from fist full of dollars and all the movies dirty harry over the years. i love he has the incredible stories. i loved the movie sully as well. he's a phenomenal storyteller. the movie opens up on february 9th. to be in that room with those three guys and learning about
5:29 am
what they did going back to their childhood, the military training that two of them had which led to that moment in stopping this terrorist that it could have killed hundreds of people on this train. it's a really really amazing story. >> that's great. kevin, thank you very much. we can't wait to see it. >> i can't wait to see it. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks. moments ago, president trump firing back at rapper jay-z after he said this. >> looking down on a whole population of people, and you're so misinformed because these places have beautiful people. now we have donald trump the superbug. >> the president's new tweets next. plus, what does stuart varney, a legal immigrant think of the president's immigration plans? i want to know. he joins us next. >> i want to know. ♪ hello. hi. how's it going? alright, how you doin'? welcome. so, this is the all-new chevy traverse. what do you think? this looks better than 99% of the suvs out there.
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i'm here to deliver a simple message there has never been a better time to hire, to build, to invest and to grow in the united states. america is open for business, and we are competitive once again. the american economy is by far the largest in the world. >> that was the president on friday in davos. this tweet is just minutes ago from the president. he tweeted this saying our economy is better than it has been in many decades. businesses are coming back to
5:34 am
america like never before. chrysler as an example is leaving mexico and coming back to the u.s. unemployment is nearing record lows. we are on the right track. here to weigh in stuart varney host of varney & company on fbn. we are back in business and we're on the right track says the president. >> you ain't seen nothing yet says me. next week anybody who pays tax, federal income tax, their paychecks go up next week. and you've got another round of bonuses coming. increases to 401(k) plans coming. you have the big technology companies next week, they will be bringing back hundreds of billions of dollars to the united states. where is it going to go? some will go to shareholders. some will go to the workers. you already have a growth rate of better than 3%, going towards 4% at the end of this year. that's what the president is saying. look, we're open for business. why don't you guys in the rest of the world why don't you join us? >> why don't you try capitalism. >> he doesn't actually go that
5:35 am
far. he's saying we're open for business. we're on the road to prosperity. join us. that was a plea for money. bring your money here. put it to work here. you'll do well. that's what he's saying. >> a salesman. >> a very good salesman too. that was a very restrained conciliatory speech he made at this davos forum last week. and i think it will be the same at the state of the union message on tuesday night. conciliatory, come on, get together, we can get this thing done. that's what he's doing >> he also said america first. i spoke to some european friends of mine, former european, and they said we wish our leaders would do this for our country. so you know, people want a cheerleader for their country, and we have some good news. we have a great economy. a great place to make business. so i think it was a great message in davos. pretty triumphant. >> the president is no longer apologizing for america. >> yeah. >> this president is saying america's a pretty good place. come and join us. we know what we're doing. i think it is resonating very strongly.
5:36 am
>> stuart, let me change gears a little bit. you are a legal immigrant here. >> yes, sir. >> this immigration plan, what do you make of it? >> i think america is a very generous country. it is not a racist country. when i hear people label our country as racist, i actually take it personally. in my family, there are three races, two religions, and seven nationalities. we are extremely american. that's us. that's what we are. and to be called racist is an outrage. we're not racist. we're a generous country. and i think president trump's offer on immigration is a generous offer. quite simply, it is this, you build the wall, you ensure border security, get rid of the chain migration or at least change it, and you fix this lottery system, and in return, 1.8 million dreamers can stay and get a path to citizenship. he went further than most people expected him to go. now, look, the right is going to reject this. it is amnesty. okay, got that. the left is going to reject it.
5:37 am
okay, it is racist. i don't think they want to solve the problem at all. they want to keep the flow of democrats coming into the country. nonetheless, the two extremes will reject it. i think there are enough votes in the middle in both parties to get a deal based on the trump offer of last week. >> you're in pretty good touch with the base of trump voters. this is also a country of laws. he ran against amnesty. he said -- does he run any risk potentially of alienating some folks who said this is not necessarily what we signed -- if we trust you, president trump, we don't trust washington, d.c. to follow through faithfully? >> if there was a border security deal first, if security is in place first, then i think the country will be much more open to allowing the dreamers to stay. but that's a priority. you got to fix the mess first. otherwise if you let the dreamers in, let them stay, if you do that first, then you're opening yourself up for same old problem a couple years down the road. the border is open. in they come. you have got a problem. no, wall first, security first, then the dreamers stay.
5:38 am
that's the deal. it's a good deal. >> if the president gets this done, what is the economic impact of a plan like this? >> that's hard to say. i think it would take a big political issue off the table. it would leave open the fact -- the fact that we are short of labor in this country. >> right >> with a 4.1% unemployment rate, you don't have many unemployed people to put into the workforce, and the workforce is expanding. so you've got to cross that bridge. but remember, even if you get this deal on immigration, you are still letting in a million immigrants every single year. if we get this deal, we will pick and choose who we want. what's wrong with that? >> nothing is wrong with that. i think that's the problem the democrats have. they are not about to let this president solve the immigration problem. stuart, it's been great having you. always the best insight on this couch, especially when it comes to the economic news. >> you are picking and choosing now, i'd hope you would let me in. >> right under the wire.
5:39 am
[laughter] >> you are in, stuart. >> thank you, all, appreciate it. >> we are happy to have you as an american. >> thank you very much. turning now to your headlines. the mall of america stabbing suspect pledging his support to isis as he pleads guilty. the attorney reading his chilling statement in court i want the reason for my attack to be clear to this court and to the public so that you may understand that you will never be safe as long as your country is at war with islam. the 20-year-old is accused of stabbing two shoppers in a macy's dressing room in november. seven people rescued from the pacific ocean after drifting for four days without food or water after the ferry they were on sank. one of the survivors an unconscious baby. a new zealand defense force plane finding the raft sending them through with water and a radio. no word on what caused the ferry to sink. there were at least 50 people on board when it went down.
5:40 am
it doesn't look like president trump will be saving the date for prince harry and meghan markle's wedding, the president saying he doesn't know if he will be invited yet. despite the apparent royal snub, he said quote i really want them to be happy. they look like a lovely couple. there have been rumors that prince harry will invite former president obama though. president trump firing back just moments ago at jay-z the rapper saying this when asked about the president's alleged comments on african countries. >> everyone feels anger, but after the anger is really hurtful because it's like he's looking down on a whole population of people. and you are so misinformed because these places have beautiful people. the bugs come, you spray some thing, then they come and you create a superbug, right, because you don't take care of the problem. you don't take the trash out. you just keep spraying whatever over it to make it acceptable. and then you know as those
5:41 am
things grow you create a superbug, and then now we have donald trump the superbug. >> now moments ago, the president tweeting this, somebody please inform jay-z that because of my policies black unemployment has been reported to be at the lowest rate ever recorded. and those are your headlines. you know -- >> very important detail. >> i'm sorry, i love donald trump. this is why, you know, people criticize him for being the first reality tv president. he understands culture. that was a cultural moment by replying to jay-z on that message will get out to a lot of african-americans. >> it sure will. it's true though, when unemployment is down, it benefits absolutely everybody. president trump condemning the taliban after dozens are killed in a suicide bombing in kabul. but our next guest says pakistan is the key player in the bloodshed in that region. former cia officer gary burnson here to explain next. plus diamond and silk will join us. don't get up from the couch. don't move out of bed. diamond and silk are weighing in
5:42 am
and nothing is more important than that. that's coming up. >> a lot of hyperbole but i do love them. >> i love them too. ♪
5:43 am
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5:45 am
this is a fox news alert. the death toll rising following that taliban attack in kabul yesterday. at least 103 killed and more than 230 wounded when the terrorists drove an ambulance filled with explosives through a security checkpoint. >> our next guest, a retired cia station chief and is joining us now to explain, explain to our viewers a bomb goes off in a secure area in kabul and ultimately where people are -- obviously you have the folks responsible for that but people are pointing across the board tore pakistan -- border to pakistan saying we don't fix this until we address that. what do you say to that?
5:46 am
>> good morning. a larger part of the problem is that afghanistan has been dragged into the larger conflict between india and pakistan. since partition in 1947, india and pakistan had been at each other's throats because pakistan was trying to seize cashmere. they don't call it a border, they call it the line of actual control. that's where their military forces are. everything pakistan does is in the context of its struggle with india. so they have looked at afghanistan, pakistan has for strategic depth. they want to control all of afghanistan because their fear is if the indians invade pakistan they want to be able to fall back into afghanistan. that was the reason that pakistan created the taliban in the 1990s. and at one point, the pakistanis even thought about storing nuclear weapons in afghanistan. how is that for crazy? the point here is that with the americans on the ground there, and the americans have aligned themselves with india, india is gaining an -- gaining an
5:47 am
influence inside of afghanistan. they are giving billions worth of scholarships and all sorts of stuff. this makes pakistan very worried. if the taliban were to seize control of afghanistan again, the pakistanis would control it. they would control that space. they look at it in a larger narrative of their struggle with india. but the problem is, they are killing americans. >> yes. >> the pakistani support to the taliban, to any of these 24 militant groups that have operated over their borders and the million jihadis that have been trained on their territory in the 20 years injures and hurts and kills americans right now. so therefore president trump's statements against them were spot on. we can't do anything here until this problem is fixed in pakistan. and we may even have to start crossing the border more aggressively to deal with these -- with the pakistanis, if they don't stop this. >> so is that the plan, gary? look, here, it is clear that
5:48 am
pakistan is providing for the safe haven for the taliban. let's just call it exactly what it is. do they go across the border? let's not forget that bin laden was found basically in the shadows of pakistan's version of west point and yet when we asked them where he was, they said no have no idea where he is. do we go in? what does the president do? >> we need to act against the militant organizations in the sanctuaries. we can do it or do it with surrogates. the point is look i was the person that was the architect of what we did in tora bora and the pakistanis helped bin laden get out there too, you know. i was thrilled to see the seal teams kill bin laden at that point, but the pakistanis have been playing a double game against america for the last 30 years. i mean, and so therefore we need to cut them off politically, cut them off economically. we need to put significant pressure on them. and, you know, they have been
5:49 am
significant sponsors of jihadist terrorism for the last 30 years and president trump is calling them to account, but the pakistanis they won't -- publicly they will say they are fighting terrorism, fighting these people on their territory. they have put some pressure on them. but look they could turn over terrorists to us tomorrow, they should. >> maybe if the president continues the pressure, we will get the terrorist back and we should. thank you for that. a lot of people didn't know the background. you were amazing to explain it to us. thank you very much. >> you are very welcome. president trump set to deliver his first state of the union on tuesday. what should american people expect? we will ask former white house communications director anthony scaramucci at the top of the hour. plus, one group is making it their mission to help veterans get elected to congress. they will unveil their first set of endorsements, coming up next.
5:50 am
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our country needs a new generation of leaders. leaders who sacrifice for each other. we support this new generation of veterans who run for office and pledge to work together and get things done regardless of their party. >> the organization with honor is making it their mission to help veterans get elected to congress and put, quote, principles over politics in washington. joining us now with their first set of endorsements is the organize's cofounder a veteran
5:54 am
himself and ceo of the organization. thanks for being here this morning. >> thanks for having me on. >> talk to us about with honor. you served in 05 and 06 in ramadi? >> in fallujah. >> now you are wanting to continue to serve by starting this organization. what is with honor? >> no surprise, congress dysfunction record highs, polarization at record highs and veteran representation is near record low. it used to be as high as 70%. now it is as low as 19%. the good news is there are over 150 veterans, many of whom served after september 11th are running for house seats alone from both parties. unfortunately for many of these vets the cost to run for office creates incredibly high barrier. we're helping to lower those barriers to entry to elect a new generation who can work together to get things done in this place but face high barriers to entry, we're helping to lower those barriers. >> on your with honor mission statement that i was reading about, it is not just helping
5:55 am
veterans. you believe that there are things that veterans like yourself learned in combat and their experience that would benefit the nation if they were elected. >> i have heard some people refer to this as the school of the nation, when you serve in the american military, you serve with folks from all. most of the guys i knew were rolling in a humvee, i didn't know their political party, it didn't matter. >> absolutely. >> no one individually alone is going to do it. the point is to build a coalition, 20, 30, 40 members who are next generation who can come into this hyper polarized place. >> we have about a minute. two republicans and a democrat are your endorsements. >> kenneth sheets, van taylor and mj hagger. kenneth is in texas served in
5:56 am
fallujah. came back started his family had a career in the private sector. like many of these veterans is running against -- is running a hard race against folks who have more access to affluent networks but is the right type of person. >> a lot of these are challengers, sheets, texas five. you started out in texas and you're moving out there. >> stay tuned. we're starting in texas. that's the first primaries. >> you are telling me you are strategic. did you learn that in the military? >> learned a little bit of that. >> thank you for your service. with honor, thank you. >> thank you for having me on. president trump and the democrats have been battling over immigration. >> but anthony scaramucci says both sides will find some common ground. the former white house communications director is right here. >> good morning.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> the countdown to the president's first state of the union is on. while the battle over
6:00 am
immigration reform intensifies on the hill. >> the president offers a path to citizenship for 1.8 million dreamers but according to nancy pelosi and the democrats it's just not enough. pete: the president last night sent a couple of tweets the democrats are not interested in border safety security or in funding and rebuilding the military only interested in obstruction. >> i think president trump's offer on immigration is a generous offer. i don't think they want to solve the problem at all. we want to keep the flow of democrats coming into the country. the white house responding after a terrorists attack in afghanistan. president trump saying the too's cruelty will not prevail. rachel: the fcc refusing to hand over key text messages. pete: as the fisa memo could be released any day now. this is a really extraordinary situation. >> what do they have to hide is the real question. griff: today is officially national fun at workday. >> we're having a party all morning might as well have a party at work, right?
6:01 am
♪ everybodies hands go up ♪ rachel: [laughter] griff: this song was written about the ratings of fox news channel. pete: and fox & friends specifically all we do is win. it is national fun at workday. he's only had fun. he better be on level 30 on mrs. macman by now. we've got a dj boost, we'll get dj anthony scaramucci actually on the couch right now could you mix it for us? >> ready to go. griff: the president says you know, look it's all about winning. he said i believe that we're going to be so tired of winning that we don't want to win any more. >> he's been winning there's no question about it. you could look at the entire diagnostics of the situation,
6:02 am
economies booming, wages are up, talking about unemployment, unemployment across-the-board is down significantly, but specifically in the african american community and so the president made that point a little earlier that the policies are working okay? rachel: right so we've got the state of the union coming up on tuesday. you've got all this winning that you're talking about what do you think is going to happen? >> well listen, i think he's a forward-thinking guy. i'm certain he will address the accomplishments made over the historic first year, so many great accomplishments but i do think he's going to want to talk about daca, talk about the healthcare situation and i think he will surprise them once again by doing things that are un characteristic of what politicians do to get the job done. pete: he's an aggressive guy not afraid to do things a little differently. might he take a bit of an unconventional approach, call someone out, make a big suggestion? really you could expect the unexpected as well or do you think the more conventional route? >> well i think for me there was
6:03 am
55 minutes of direct transparent exposure of the president a few weeks ago that had to startle the democrats because they're trying to disfigure him in a way he really isn't and there he was before the american people, the guy we all see and we know. a negotiator, someone that's willing to take tough hits and said in the meeting specifically i'll take the hit for everybody. i'm used to taking hits that's the guy we all know. that's the guy that democrats are afraid of and always trying to disfigure him and put the whole racist tag on this thing because if you can disfigure somebody then you make them unsuccessful so he's been unbelievably good at that as well. griff: so in the state of the union he's going to have this unifying tone not only on immigration but some of the other things like infrastructure and things he can get done. what is, anthony, the risk for democrats who have a justice immigration thing resorted to a little more than simply name-
6:04 am
calling saying this deal that stuart varney said in our open there is a great deal, has a little bit of something for everybody. what is the risk of democrats really just name calling after what the president presents? >> well i think they're actually trying to figure it out now because at the end of the day when you think about nixon going to china or ronald reagan pulling the levers that brought down the soviet union the president's base about american people are expecting the president to cut a deal as reagan once said you go for 80% of something in washington you'll never get 100% so i think his base trusts the president to do a deal that splits things in a way that are fair and protective to the american people and to the american worker but also provides this great opportunity for people that are already here in the country. so that's the intersection. pete: you've made this point rachel and it's a key point. trust is so important because if jeb bush had proposed this deal people might say well he's all for amnesty, the president ran on no amnesty you'll get a wall, change the immigration system
6:05 am
and now we're looking at amnesty or a path to citizenship but do you think his base can and should forgive him for that or move on because they are going to get 80% solution and he is focused on security. >> i think that's the biggest thing. harry truman said when you are president it's the one job in the united states all of us that are eligible to vote get the opportunity to vote on so you have to be president for everybody and i think what the president's figured out is he has to cut deals in order to get that 80% right but if you step back from everything he's done so many unconventional things. look what he did in davos last week. the davos man so to speak did not expect him to show up and there he was and there they were with their cameras treating him like a rock star right? so at the end of the day expect the unexpected from the president. i think the democrats are going to have to recalibrate related to that but my guess is he will cut a deal on daca and begin the process of healthcare reform in the first six months of 2016. rachel: well you have to have two people come to the table and
6:06 am
i think what the democrats are saying by you're racist that this deal is so laughable. i mean, we're giving three times the amount of people amnesty essentially in the end as obama ever offered them or ever gave them over eight years and in year one he's offering this but they're saying you're racist so he's offering a great deal it's generous as stuart varney said but what do you do? they still have to come to the table or does this just expose the democrats so there is nothing to get done so he can at least say i tried. >> they are going to come to the table. rachel: you think they are? pete: it will be the who of it. moderates or whoever. >> yeah this is again we've got to go back to ronald reagan. they didn't want to cut a deal with him on taxes and then the system was overwhelmed with phone calls. literally the capitol dome tilted for people that wanted to get this done so what's going to happen for democrats is theres a deal on the table, it's a workable deal and better in so many respects than they expected and their resistance very
6:07 am
similar to what happened with the governmental shutdown they flaked quickly which we all predicted. pete: the president tweeted just that saying this is part of my strategy i think the tweets came at 10:00 last night we've mentioned them on the show we'll bring it up again. he tweeted i've offered daca a wonderful deal including the doubling recipients 12 pathway to citizenship and because republicans want to fix it and two, to show that democrats do not want to solve daca only use it. he went on then to tweet democrats are not interested in border safety and security or in the funding and rebuilding of our military. they're only interest interested in obstruction so when you see this resistance from nancy pelosi chuck schumer that's to be expected but i call them so-called moderates because they haven't showed a moderate stripe yet. can they move out of the resistance and actually work with the president and give him a win? >> well i actually think they will have to do that. again it's the same thing that happened over over the governmental shutdown.
6:08 am
they had no cards they were playing. he shuffled the deck in a way where he's giving them something they've always want and now they're embarrassed. rachel: by the way something they promised the hispanic community and never delivered on and now donald trump is up the a nte giving them more. >> i'll just share this quick story with you. during the campaign or my brief time in the white house the president made a joke about well , you know, i could pick the one gigantic big democratic idea whatever nancy pelosi or senator schumer really wants. i can get out there and declare it as my idea and they will immediately be an avalanche of attack on the idea and the point he was making is that a lot of this stuff is now personality conflict, a lot of this stuff is nonsense partisanship and he's a deal maker. he's a guy that wants the country to do better. he wants the country to win. he said something really positive last week which i want to share with everybody that america is open for business. he also went to a group of european ceo's and says you've
6:09 am
got to be a cheerleader for your company and cheer lieder for your country if you're the leader of that country and i just think it's a real bright spot that people were shocked by in davos. i think he's going to shock the democrats in the coming quarter this year. griff: so the reaction was the ceo's addidas, volvo, anheuser-busch, inbev all saying thank you for creating this environment for which we thanks to the american economy can make the world economy boom because of the cut in taxes, because of the deregulation. is that going to be a center piece coming back to that state of the union speech? >> i believe that's baked into the cake. i think he's surprised. steve in mnuchin said privately that he was also surprised at the magnitude of what's gone on in terms of american corporations, foreign corporations dropping bonuses, raising minimum wages, recommit ting capital into the united states, deploying more investment capital which
6:10 am
will lead to that great virtue us consumption cycle that we all need. one thing he said in davos which we should -- pete: you were in davos? i was there. what he said is about let's create more aggregate demand in the united states for lower and middle income people which will lead to greater growth in the world and greater peace and greater prosperity. that's the message. rachel: i think that's something that gets overlooked. there's so much talk about these corporations giving bonuses or growing or moving their companies overseas. i live in small town america. it's making, this economy what he's done to the economy through tax reform and especially deregulation which by the way small companies benefit from more is really making a difference in real people's lives not just people employed by big corporations, small businesses that employ people indiana all of the towns he promised to not forget. >> and really when you think about the campaign and think about his whole policies was to really energize a group of people. i grew up in what i call the
6:11 am
aspiration as al working class but over 40 years because of really faulty policy that aspirational working class got turned into desperational working class so now we have this big opportunity with the president's agenda and economic policies to lift people up and get them thinking about the american dream, income mobility, class mobility, and all the thins that we would want people to have and basically things that i frankly lived within my life going from my family where neither one of my parents went to college to have the opportunities i've had today , that's what the president wants for everybody. pete: anthony stepping back one year in with the state of the union coming up as someone whose been a supporter of this president what has surprised you the most? i know you're confident in his abilities not surprised by the revival of the economy but if you said i didn't see that coming what would it be? >> oh, i would say that he's operating in a way that he didn't adopt washington. he's forcing washington to adopt him okay?
6:12 am
rachel: yes. >> so all of his mannerisms, all of the things of his personality is off kilter of what they're used to so they have to move in his dance step and i think that's very very impressive because they were anticipating okay we've got this guy. we're going to corner him in the oval office and he will start to act and feel like we are as opposed to the opposite so i give him huge credit for that. the davos thing if you'd said to anybody, is the president, president trump going to go to davos and bring his economic agenda bring his national security agenda to davos switzerland to the world economics forum, the 3000 attendees if you'd asked them two months ago if that was going to happen they would have said no so that's the level of un predictability that he has but if you really know him you realize he's got a duality to his personality wants to be part of the global system but also wants to project this economic agenda for the american people that american first strategies good for the world. pete: anthony i have to give you
6:13 am
credit. it's the first interview you've probably done in an arcade. you can hear these machines. >> it's not the first interview i've done in an arcade actually. i grew up on long island. pete: very good. anthony scaramucci thank you very much for your time. great stuff. we'll we've been talking about it all morning that fisa abuse memo could be released as soon as tomorrow. what could we learn? sarah carter has been getting to the bottom of this she joins us next. griff: plus president trump firing back at jay-z after the rapper said this. >> down on the whole population of people and you're so miss informed because these places have beautiful people and now we have donald trump. griff: pay attention jay-z because diamond and silk is about to react to you, that's coming up. ♪
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pete: okay could become public any day now the fisa memo allegedly filled with shocking details of surveillance abuse. griff: fox news contributor and investigative journalist sarah carter has been covering this story from the beginning and she joins us now to weigh in sarah good morning. >> good morning. griff: the white house now pressing for the release of this memo. >> that's right. the white house is pressing for the release of the memo and not only that, we know that with probably within the week and now i'm not guessing tomorrow, i've been hearing different things the house intelligence committee will go to a vote on this first. this is what has to happen first we know the president right now according to my sources is not going to object to the release of the memo and i think that's what's most important here and that memo will go public before the american people. a lot of the congressman or congressional members say it's shocking they say it needs to be exposed and deals with fisa
6:18 am
abuse. this is really going to be big, pete. pete: absolutely. well a lot of the sources you've had and also i don't want to put the two together but defer an nunes has whistleblowers coming to him inside the intelligence committee. give us a peak behind the curtain the best you can the level of fisa abuse that may be at issue here. >> i think this is important for the american people to understand. there's been this big debate. we hear people coming out the u.s. intelligence community and department of justice and democrats saying look don't release this memo, there's classified information in it. what they don't realize is that a lot of people have already gone and spoken to members of the intelligence committee part of the investigating committee. these are whistleblowers from the intelligence community who are saying look we need to investigate this. there's been extraordinary fisa abuse. we want it to go public please let the american people know. i found it very interesting, griff and pete, that when they released or leaked the dossier,
6:19 am
unsubstantiated unverified dossier gets leaked to the american people through buzz feed other news agencies had seen this dossier. remember the fbi had this dossier first and then it starts to leak out to the public and now nobody in those communities particularly in the intelligence , the democrats, the doj wants the fisa memo of investigation for the american people, that's an interesting dichotomy there. griff: sarah the democrats also say they're going to release their memo. what is that? >> so apparently the democrats have a memo. now they say this memo is going to kind of play what they call politicization of the republican memo. i would like to wait and see what comes out of that. pete: sure. >> because in the memo, in the fisa memo being drawn up by devon nunes and by the investigators inside the committee the one that's already been done i believe already reviewed by the president, it's very detailed and it names names
6:20 am
i don't think those names will be redacted. i think what the democrats want to do is redact the names, redact the processes, and that's what they're going to do with their memo but look, it's not going to stop them. it's not going to stop them from releasing their own memo putting out their own point of view. pete: but they want to redact the details. help us though because there's a defense whether it's the deep state, fbi, doj, folks named democrats what are they going to say? they will say we thought they were colluding so we had to un mask those names. >> well see that's not really going to work because they're going to have to prove look, they will have to show there was a reason to unmask these names. they're going to have to show what evidence they use to unmask these names and let's just go back because a lot of people forget about it. pete: we've only got 10 seconds unfortunately. yeah so if you just go back to the past and realize they un masked hundreds of people at the end of the election that should give your answer. pete: i'm an expert at asking
6:21 am
big questions and not letting you answer at all sarah i'm sorry about that i appreciate it >> that's all right griff: stay tuned diamond & silk is coming up next, you don't want to miss it. ny of 'em? we don't know. dozens. all right! let's teach these freaks some manners! good luck out there, captain! thanks! but i don't need luck, i have skills... i don't have my keys. (on intercom) all hands. we are looking for the captain's keys again. they are on a silver carabiner. oh, this is bad. as long as people misplace their keys, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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6:25 am
taken a tougher stance in getting out of the eu. full interview airs today on british television. and roger fedderer does it again , the swiss tennis star capturing the australian open in a five-set thriller over maryn c hilich. i said it. [laughter] it's the six time fedderer has won the aussie open in his 20th grand slam title. griff? griff: this morning president trump firing back at jay-z for these remarks. >> everyone feels anger but after their anger is really hurtful because like you guys looking down on the whole population of people and you're so miss informed because these places have beautiful people. you don't take the trash out. you just keep spraying whatever over it to make it acceptable and then, you know, as those things grow, you create a superbug and now we have donald trump the superbug. pete: well just moments ago the president responding in a tweet saying somebody please inform
6:26 am
jay-z that because of my policies, black unemployment has just been reported to be at the lowest rate ever recorded. rachel: here to weigh in, social media stars one of fox & friends favorite guests and trump supporters diamond & silk. welcome. let's get right into it. what do you say to jay-z who seems to think it doesn't make a difference that the numbers are for black unemployment and the economy are so good in helping black people? >> we do make a difference and instead of him throwing shame what he should have been doing is shedding light on the fact that black unemployment up under this president is extremely low. black home owneship is high and what i don't understand about jay-z is he raps and in his rap music, he's calling women derrogatory names. >> that's right. and he's made money off of doing that. >> yes. >> and the mere fact that he says money doesn't mean anything , see this is what we
6:27 am
talk about with these liberals. pete: [laughter] >> they try to use their influence and power to try to sway people but you want to sway people to continue to be poor while they continue to be powerful so that we can be beneath them. but it's not going to work. and what's wrong with jay-z he's mad because his influence did not influence people to go out and vote for crooked hillary that's what's wrong with him. >> that's right. >> what he needs to do is respect this president because this president is truly making america great again. >> and somebody can also tell jay-z to stop crying like a baby and a little prick, because trump is your president. pete: [laughter] well said. you referred to another part of the interview that we did not play in the open we'll play the question about black unemployment and financial situation to get jay-z's response listen. >> to give hem a little bit of credit let me ask you this. he is somebody whose now saying look, i'm growing, i'm dropping
6:28 am
black unemployment. black people are doing well under my administration. does he have a point that maybe the democrats have been giving us good lip service but no jobs maybe he's done terrible things but put money in our pocket does that make him a good leader? >> no because it's not about money at the end of the day. money doesn't equate to like happiness it doesn't. that's missing the whole point. rachel: says the millionaire, right? pete: yeah, so what happened under barack obama he may have had a different answer don't you think? >> well see jay-z is out of touch. this is what happens when they get rich. they don't even know what goes on in the hood. they rap about the hood, they call everybody b's but they don't really know what's going on in the hood. people are ready to start thriv ing again in this country so people like our jay-z and all these rappers they can go somewhere and sit there. i tell you what if money don't mean nothing give your money away. give your money away to the people that need it. go down there to skid row in
6:29 am
california and give them people all your money so they can have a place and you tell me that's how it's working out for you. >> or do your performance for free. >> that's right. pete: it's a really important point though disconnect between hollywood elites and others who say well money doesn't matter of course it matters and that's why liberals also say that thousand dollar bonus you got is just bread crumbs. >> oh, it's sad. it's sad. >> bread crumbs are better than nothing. they're not offering anything and it's time for america especially black america. look at these so-called influencers? look at them. this is whose been feeding us this narrative for years and we stay stuck at the bottom while everybody else is at the top even people who cross our border illegally is at the top while we're still at the bottom. oh, no won't work this time. >> and you have nancy pelosi going around talking about arm armageddon when nancy pelosi i'm getting more money in my pocket. rachel: you're right. you guys are right on target and i have to tell you that's what people want whether they're
6:30 am
black, brown, or white they want financial independence that's what this economy offers as an opportunity for people. thank you it can't wait to eso you i'm going to join you on the chit chat tour so that's going to be fun but we've got to leave it right there thanks for joining us this morning. pete: see you again soon. thank you for having us. rachel: coming up you are fired up about this high school teacher and city councilman, who slammed our military in the classroom. >> they're not like high level bankers, academic people, intellectual people, they're the lowest of our lows. rachel: your e-mails are next. pete: that will be fun plus the white house is offering a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, but nancy pelosi says the plan is racist. white house senior communications advisor is here to respond next. griff: and turn up the music it's national have fun at workday, we're celebrating with the dj in barbecue.
6:31 am
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6:35 am
>> good morning. pete: so we saw this deal from the white house on thursday and seen reaction to it ever since we know the white house is going to release more details on monday so a lot is based on a preliminary analysis. folks are pointing on all sides of the aisle. democrats slamming this deal even though it's far more generous than anyone anticipated on either side. did you anticipate the kind of reaction you would get from them to this proposal? >> look, we're disappointed that some of these democrats have decided to criticize its proposal as we know the president and his team have spent so much time working with both deputies and republicans in both the house and the senate to come up with what would be a reasonable and responsible compromise. the president has listened to both sides. he feels very strongly that in order to ensure that we have border security, in order to ensure that we're able to protect our national security, it's clear that this framework
6:36 am
is the steps to move in the right direction. obviously, we have to deal with this daca issue that we know we inherited so that is on the table and the president has addressed that in this framework but more importantly, the president wants to ensure that we basically respond to the needs of the department of homeland security that have specifically said that we need the tools and the resources so that our border patrol agents or ice agents are able to have or are empowered on the front lines to deal with the border crossings, to deal with drugs coming through the border and obviously, for the president's priority to build the wall. rachel: mercedes good morning it's rachel here. >> good morning. rachel: so this is nancy pelosi 's reaction to the president's proposal i want to see what you say on the other side of that. >> the president put forth a plan. that plan is a campaign to make america white again.
6:37 am
they are changing the character of our country but what they are putting forth, they bring a tear to the eye of the statue of liberty and bring fear to the hearts of people who are here playing by the rules. pete: how do you respond to that >> well, i mean speaker pelosi's comments are simply outrageous. as we know it's very clear that what the president wants and as even myself as a daughter of an immigrant that we want immigrant s to come in a legal matter. what we have seen is decades and decades of our immigration system being ignored where there's loophole after loopholes where individuals come here and they're coming illegally and that is unacceptable. we have to come to a point where we don't recreate a situation where we continue down a pathway where individuals are coming through the country illegally and then they're released into our society.
6:38 am
they don't report to any of the hearings the vast majority of them so you have all these backlog cases because we're not empowering and giving the tools needed for the agents to do their jobs appropriately and so we do have a way for immigrants to come and the vast majority of americans agree with is a merit- based immigration system which many countries like australia and new zealand and canada have in place which is we want you to come to the country but match the skills we need for our economy because we put our american workers first and those american workers guess what? they include hispanics, african americans, all americans and that should be the priority in terms of what we provide in terms of our economic needs in our country. pete: that's a great segway because conservatives or supporters would say when he ran as a law enforcer, we're a country of laws who didn't run for amnesty, wasn't for cutting in line but putting american citizens first. yesterday in our program we had
6:39 am
laura wilkerson on. her son was killed by an illegal she's not excited by the president's proposal. listen to her response. >> i'm not excited about it because we were promised no daca , you know, build the wall so i'm not really excited about it although i know we will have to make some concessions if this is the only way that we can fund a wall and it gets built it might be the thing we have to do i don't like it, you know it sets a huge precedent when you are allowing parents in the name of their child to break a federal law and then rewarding the child by giving them citizenship and a right to vote and every right in this country. pete: so how do you reassure base voters that this is not promises made and ultimately the promises to secure our border and to get control of the immigration system will happen it's not just an amnesty bill. >> well president trump gave voice to these angel families. these people who lost a loved one because of illegal aliens who committed criminal acts against our family members.
6:40 am
it is something that he feels very strongly about to ensure that we deport criminal illegal aliens from this country, that we do not support an open border that what we support is securing our border to ensure that we have control of whose coming in and out. if individuals are coming illegally if they're committing criminal acts we send them out. another thing that the administration is doing is that they're giving channeling funds those cities who are cooperating with immigration enforcement agents as opposed to those who have decided that they're going to ignore the ice agents and not cooperate with the department of homeland security and that's why the president stands strong on also ending sanctuary cities. for this particular framework, i mean it's very clear that if we were to have 60 votes in the senate, hard strong republicans that would stand with us then we could move forward on building the wall. the way it is right now and the politico political reality is we have to come up with a deal and this is a deal we've put forward obviously for these daca
6:41 am
recipients, they use eligibility requirements, work requirements, education requirements good moral character requirements. it is very clear that is a piece of it but the bigger piece is securing the border and ending chain migration and ensuring that and ending the diversity visa letter it system which as we know has brought terrorists to our nation and we have it's not based on skill. it's something the president is prioritizing. griff: we've got to go real quickly though mercedes do you want to give us a quick peak at the highlight of the state of the union? yes the president is going to speak from his heart and bring an optimistic message to all americans. this is about patriotism and about a safe, strong and proud america and we just look forward to tuesday for the president to talk about his top priorities including jobs, infrastructure, trade, immigration and national security. rachel: thank you mercedes the whole country will be tuned in on tuesday for the state of the union i hope they tune into fox so thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. rachel: coming up, are you fired up about this high school
6:42 am
teacher and this city councilman who slammed our military in the classroom? it looks like you are. look at this video. >> they're not like high-level bankers or academic people, they're not intellectual people but the lowest of our lows. rachel: that outrageous story is next. griff: washington is gearing up for the president's first state of the union address. how will the markets react to his speech? maria bartiromo is here to discuss it that's next but first she's plays ms. pacman, and she may have the highest score. pete: she's good.
6:43 am
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6:45 am
pete: welcome back couple quick headlines terrifying moments caught on camera right before a train derails. unfortunately killing three people, you can see sparks flying there as one of the cars scrapes along the side of the platform near milan, italy.
6:46 am
people shielding themselves from debris. 13 people were also seriously injured and the train operator says he was going at normal speed as it approached the station. i don't know that doesn't look like it but maybe and a high school teacher in california caught slamming our military. gregory salsido, was also a city council man going as far as referring to the members of the military as failed students who had no choice but to serve listen. >> they're not high-level bankers or academic people or intellectual people they're lowest of the low. pete: the superintendent of the schools tells the orange county register they've not yet been able to talk to salcido, because he's turned off his cell phone, he's been out of town but he will face disciplinary action and we will be following this story to find out if they actually do anything about it. griff? griff and we'll also be
6:47 am
following the stock market reopening for the first time following a winning week for the economy president trump pushing an america first agenda in davos followed by record high closes for wall street on friday. rachel: now with the state of the union on tuesday what can we expect for the markets and your wallet? this week, so here to break it all down sunday morning futures host maria bartiromo. maria you just got back from davos so tell us what's happening with the economy and how it's going to affect the global market? maria: a lot of optimism out there certainly the numbers show ed it this last friday and we're going to get the jobs numbers out a week from friday, this upcoming friday we're expecting another round of job growth for the month of january. look, overall there's a lot of optimism because of anticipation of the policies coming out of this white house and the actual implementation of them. at this point you're seeing this enormous gain in the market and we haven't even see seen the full impact. you're going to see this continue. i don't know what markets do on wednesday after the state of the
6:48 am
union because i haven't seen the speech yet however there's such a great bid under this market and we'll have another great year in 2018. in terms of the rollback and regulations that shut some sectors but not all. the financial services sector hasn't seen the impact of the rollback and regulations. you've seen new people in terms of running agencies so there's a huge runway expect 4% growth at some point in 2018 and of course that's going to support a very strong market. pete: congratulations on a great week in davos and your program fantastic interviews. what insights did you garner from how others view america or this president that may have surprised you? maria: here is one thing a lot of people around the world are looking at the policies in the u.s. and changing their strategies as a result of the tax policy in particular so i was speaking with some europeans they had a plan to invest in europe after the tax legislation was passed, they've switched their plan and now they're investing in the united states because it's more economically positive for them so you're see ing that, a shift in mindsets across the world in terms of
6:49 am
pouring money into the use united states. in addition a lot of optimism at the global economy and the u.s. leading that in davos and in general across america. you've got expectations that we are seeing globalized synchronized growth for the first time in a long time and it's led by the u.s. even france , mcacrone got high marks in davos a lot of people talk about france doing really well the uk being an underperformer by the way because they're saying france is taking donald trump's play book, so this is sort of going across the world. donald trump's message is resonating not just in the united states but across the world. rachel: it's a model for the world they see the impact. maria: earnings are expected to be up 23% in 2018. you haven't seen that in a long time so that's a big positive. griff: what are you talking about on your show? maria: we're going to lead with the fbi text, this is beyond the bias against donald trump, the protecting, the wrongdoing ought of the clinton administration and the clinton campaign we'll
6:50 am
talk with congressman goodlat, the chairman of the house judiciary committee. i heard there are a lot of other texts that the have not been released and they're bad so we'll talk about what these text s mean and whose accountable for the corruption at the top of the fbi and talk to the new secretary of homeland security who will talk specifics about why we need this wall and what is going on at the border so she's going to give us great insights there. guess what she said isis is on the run. that's a quote. we knew that already but to hear the queen of jordan say it is actually compelling so we'll have that as well. pete: welcome back. rachel: must see tv. maria: raring to go. rachel: up next we're celebrat ing national have fun at workday. we've got a dj, and pete's favorite barbecue. he's always eating. maria: can i play pacman once more? pete: yes.
6:51 am
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pete: we have the good portion and are blessed to have a lot of fun on our job here every morning on fox & friends but today it's officially wherever you are national fun at workday it's sunday so that means tell your boss tomorrow they can celebrate it. well here with us right now is our dj all morning long, serving up our happy tunes he's the owner of crowd control entertainment and he brought us this awesome photo booth here as well. adam's got about 15 different photos himself and brian tell us a little bit about crowd control entertainment and griff will dj for us. sure we're a full service dj company we do all types of events, weddings, like i said,
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my buddy here, we love having a great time and partying. they might really enjoy that. pete: a little irony as we play jay-z, but we're going to thank you guys very much. you've brought a little love to the set. stop taking pictures but okay i'll wear this helmet. we're here with magical productions entertainment in the arcade, this is dino, good to meet you tell us awe little bit how you take an arcade to your house? easily you call the office and see what kind of games you like and for pete: you guys will truck them in bring them in? setup, delivery for your birthday parties. pete: are you improving your driving skills? your kids think you're a terrible driver. rachel: they say my 18-year-old
6:56 am
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griff: welcome back thanks to magical productions entertainment and butcher bar. pete: and dj griff. maria: good sunday morning this upcoming week tuesday president trump gives his first state of the union address, lawmakers closing in on a deadline for getting a deal done on immigration and critics of the fbi demanding answers this weekend in the wake of newly- released text messages, i'm maria bartiromo thanks so much for joining us this sunday this is sunday morning futures. members of congress get being a look at your text messages between two fbi officials who are investigating the trump campaign. do they show the fix was in for hillary clinton? how judiciary chairman bob goodlatte will join me shortly live and up in arms over the white house immigration proposal did democrats already kill chances for


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